Top Expert Tips Before Buying Luxury Flats in Thane

Top Expert Tips Before Buying Luxury Flats in Thane

Are you planning to buy a luxurious flat in Thane anytime soon? As this would be your dream home you need to be extra cautious about a few things before investing in this property. For all the traditionally rich people, luxury means a kind of price tag, whether it is their love for high-end cars, or designer clothes and jewelry or buying a penthouse or a row house, one will definitely look up to their expectations for better amenities, better lifestyle and better features to suit their way of living. There are so many things to be considered when it comes to buying an apartment in thane and that also when it a luxurious home. Due to the slow economy, even the Indian real estate industry is moving at a slow pace. Yet, there are many people looking out to buy luxurious flats in Thane. According to a recent study, the Indian luxury market is the approximately fourth-largest population of millionaires who are under the category of high net worth earning. Also, nowadays there is an increase in demand for luxury properties in Thane as builders are using various methods to attract their customers. Fifteen percent of the total Indian real estate sector consists of the luxury home segment. Because of the increase in the number of NRIs in the country, the investment in luxury properties in Thane is also increasing. Initially, there was a time when people wouldn’t think of investing their money in any sort of luxurious things, but the scenario has completely changed and driven by this change, the Indian real estate sector is coming up with ample options for people who prefer luxury in their life.

Here are a few important things a buyer should check first before buying a luxury flat in Thane.

Find a Good Local Expert

It is very important to have a good local agent who is familiar with the area where you want to buy a flat. People will always advise you to hire a good mediator for this buying process so that he can help you find the perfect home. He can also guide you with handling all the high-end properties, who can even book an appointment when you wish to check that property in person before making the final decision.


When you have decided to buy a property, whether a luxury property or an ordinary property, location is one of the important factors which you should consider. People who usually buy a luxurious property will look for a serene environment around for their peace of mind. So, if you end up buying a luxurious flat in the heart of the city, then the congestion and traffic problems will make it a nightmare than a luxury for you. Hence, buying a luxury property in the middle of the city may not be the right location as well as the right decision. Moreover, such properties are very expensive and would not even offer modern amenities in terms of luxurious properties.

Research beyond the photos

Make sure you don’t choose or expel any property depending on its photographs, particularly the front elevation photographs. To be exact, numerous homes are not photogenic the manner in which you need it to be. In this way, it is imperative to see such properties face to face to get the actual reality. It is better to scan for properties and their regions on Google Earth. This will enable you to perceive what lies around the home you have picked.

Project Density

Check out the number of people who are already living in that building. You can ask those people with their experience of living there. And moreover, for luxury projects ideally not more than 60 families should be accommodated in a building. More people staying in one building, the more the crowd using the amenities. This will completely remove the charm of the luxury apartment which you had the dream to live in.

Understand the Buying and Searching Process

To start your hunt for luxury flats in Thane, firstly you should understand the buying and searching process of a property. There are several luxury projects by famous developers that sometimes go unlisted in the property search list. If you don’t want to miss out on some good properties, browse through online property portals, check out ads in the newspapers or talk to different people to know if they are aware of such luxury flats.


For all the luxurious projects, amenities do make a major difference. A flat with basic amenities such as a kitchen, a hall and a bathroom just because it is high-priced doesn’t make it a luxurious apartment. Amenities like a spacious parking lot, swimming pool, open area garden, gymnasium are also important.

Gather All Important Documents

Before investing a lot of money in buying a luxury flat in Thane you should check all the important documents. There is a lot of scrutiny in the high-end market which is going on in the real estate sector.

Builder’s credentials

A purchaser should contemplate the developer’s reputation and their name in the market before making any buy. With the present regularly advancing innovation, you can look at the builder’s reputation by making a detailed study of the developer’s history, past track records, input from past purchasers, looking at the highlights and quality of the building. This will help in guaranteeing that the builder from whom you are purchasing is reliable and renowned.