Is Investing In New Projects In Thane A Safe Gameplay?

Is Investing In New Projects In Thane A Safe Gameplay?

Investors nowadays have plenty of different paths to go down in the real estate sector but it still may be tough to decide on an avenue that they wish to follow. Nonetheless, with appropriate pertinacity, coming up with an exit strategy or real estate property work for you is simply possible.

The chance to buy or invest in new projects in Thane frequently comes on the radar for homebuyers, but when it does, it is the perfect opportunity for those who want to stand out. Most of the investors are constantly on the lookout for such opportunities that include dilapidated properties to fix & flip, smart investors in the niche of new construction projects do exactly the opposite and have solid returns in particular.

Although before leaping with that stake, one must understand how new construction is a niche that comes under the beast category & has its protocol & perks. Always keep in mind that you are buying a property that is a part of new projects in Thane directly from its creator, and not an investor or previous homeowner. This is why you must carry out your research thoroughly & well in advance to avoid finding any shortcomings at the eleventh hour. Go on the builder’s site where construction is completed to check the quality of work, & get feedback from other buyers, if possible.

The success of almost any real estate investment strategy is decided based on your investor’s short as well as long-term business goals. But with the current low on home loan interest rates, having an investment as a passive income from new projects in Thane is a complete no-brainer.

Buying a new construction property isn’t as simple as it seems, and it needs a whole lot of research, strategizing, & planning as it is a huge financial decision of one`s life. The major factor driving this decision is the nature of the property you want to buy & the duration of its construction. Having all the factors in mind, new projects in Thane are the most preferred choice for investment in such situations with the superfluity of advantages that they provide.

Before swooping into buying new construction projects, first-timers must understand that buying & selling new projects in Thane can be the same amount exciting & daunting. Thus, here are a few things that will suggest how investing in new residential projects can be a smart move:

1. Options that fit your budget

Everyone is spoiled for choice nowadays in the real estate market with thousands of choices spread across the top localities. This gives you the privilege to choose from the countless properties available by sorting them out with factors like budget, location, amenities, & others. You can even select the floor & number of rooms that you need to give the unattended inventory that real estate builders have gathered.

2. Smart investment choice

Undoubtedly, the location of a property is crucial in a real estate investment, and choosing a prime area guarantees quick appreciation which is the best bet. Urbanization has a high price, especially in suburban areas as it attracts investors like a super-strong magnet. With all this in mind, it is an intelligent plan to invest in new projects in Thane located in one of the strategic areas of the city. Even the neighborhoods would develop as the construction of these properties progresses.

3. Early bird deals & offers

Early bird discounts are one of the biggest & most important benefits of buying or investing in newly constructed projects. New projects progress in phases, developers start promoting their ventures with exciting discounts & offers to appease potential homebuyers before even starting the construction. Buyers enjoy their discounts whereas the generated demand for the property accelerates the development process. Thus, this increases the property rates which is a win-win for everyone.

4. Flexible payment schedules

A home loan is the most popular & simplest way to help you arrange the funds for your dream home, particularly because of the numerous tax benefits that you can avail yourself of. To ease some burden off of the investors’ shoulders, builders have come up with mindful payment schedules to support them. Till the new projects in Thane have not been completed and transferred to the name of its buyer, the builders follow the “No EMI till possession” scheme.

The builders also willingly clear the interest on your home loan so investors can enjoy no interest loan till the construction is complete. This is an added advantage as builders will be pushed to complete the development within the given timeline.

5. Have it personalized

In the case of new projects in Thane, getting your next home personalized according to your preferences & convenience is a cherry on the cake. When it is new construction, it is easier to make minor changes that are compatible with the infrastructure & base of the property. You can choose the flooring, tiles, paint colors, fixtures, furniture, & more to give your house a personal touch.

6. Get good returns

Investing in new projects in Thane means that you will get the property in less than the price of a furnished, ready-to-move flat and that is a decent amount. Moreover, if you wish to sell it off shortly after it is ready, you can sell it at the market price and keep the profit for yourself, which may range from anywhere between 15% to 30% or even more depending on the project.

7. Fewer repairs & maintenance

New projects in Thane are not adamant about damage but the likeliness is much lower when compared to older homes. It comes with a real estate builders’ warranty in compliance with the law. Also, developers are focusing more on sustainability with their projects so they make sure to build energy-efficient buildings with safe & eco-friendly materials.

To conclude, new projects in Thane are better described as an investment than resale homes. They have higher efficiency in terms of time, money, health, & energy. You can invest in them with growth markets utilizing lesser upfront deposits, and even at smaller market values. There are the least number of shocks & surprises which implies no hassles, and no stress for the proud owners.