Top 5 Locations In Thane To Buy 1 BHK Flat

Top 5 Locations In Thane To Buy 1 BHK Flat

Thane, a metropolitan city in Thane District, has emerged as one of the most prestigious destinations in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and is now home to some of the top real estate projects not just in Maharashtra, but also worldwide. You will be shocked to learn that Thane made it into the top 20 zones in the globe where wealthy individuals like to own a home, according to a survey conducted on the global real estate market or, to put it another way, the wealth industry. This research was created by Knight Frank India Limited, one of the biggest real estate consultant businesses in India, and it affirmed that indeed, Thane is a prominent region where wealthy people wish to put their money.

Thane has again shown to be the preferred option for first-time home buyers and real estate investors. With escalating property prices in Mumbai, housing properties in Thane provide people with relief and a place to discover their dream home. Thane has many of the same advantages as Mumbai in terms of property investment, if not more. Thane is a relatively young real estate market that has piqued the interest of prominent developers, prompting them to build upscale developments in Thane that provide you with the same luxurious lifestyle as someone living in Mumbai. Thane is still in its early stages of development, therefore investing now is a good idea.

Along with the affordability, places near to Mumbai have grown in popularity over time. Among these, Thane district, which was previously a peaceful hamlet, has grown steadily in recent years offering 1 BHK ready possession flats and 1 BHK flats under construction. Here`s everything you need to know about Thane`s micro market and popular neighbourhoods.

Top 5 Localities in Thane To Buy 1 BHK Flats in Thane:

1. Kalyan:

Kalyan, which is part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), may be small, yet it is ideally positioned in terms of connectivity. While east Kalyan has a greater rate of development, west Kalyan has also created infrastructure. Kalyan is divided into east and west by a suburban railway line. When it comes to inexpensive property, Thane builders prefer Kalyan because it allows them to meet demand from budget-conscious clients.

Kalyan has excellent road and rail connection. Major highways, including the NH-3, NH-4, and the Eastern Express Highway, as well as the local railway station, service it. The distance between the hotel and the airport is eight kilometers. The Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Transport (KDMT) is a public transportation system in Kalyan-Dombivali.

Many individuals have migrated towards this side of town for better business opportunities and due to the need for 1 BHK new construction properties in Thane.

2. Ambernath:

Commuters traveling between Ambernath and Badlapur will certainly benefit from the new Chikoli railway station. This will also influence the investment patterns in the area. A motorway will connect the Navi Mumbai International Airport to the rest of the city. The only warning that potential home purchasers should keep in mind is that 1 BHK flat in Thane should be located on designated land rather than in a forest.

3. Badlapur:

Badlapur, like any other area in and around Thane, has transitioned from an industrial to a residential hot-spot. The area has a reasonable social infrastructure, with enough health care, financial, and educational resources. Because of its affordability, this neighbourhood attracts a lot of home purchasers looking for 1 BHK ready possession flats in Thane.

4. Pokhran Road:

Pokhran Road in Thane is parallel to the Eastern Express Highway. It`s a rapidly developing location that`s seeing strong price growth as a result of multiple new project launches.

Pokhran Road is separated into two sections: Pokhran Road 1 and Pokhran Road 2. Pokhran Road 1 begins at the Cadbury Junction light on the left, and Pokhran Road 2 begins at Majiwada. It is well connected to the eastern suburbs and South Mumbai due to its closeness to the Eastern Express Highway.

Property values are also greater than on Pokhran Road 1 due to greater infrastructure. Purchasing a house in this area might be viewed as a long-term investment.

5. Ghodbunder Road and Kasarvadavali:

Together, the two neighbourhoods offer a wide range of cheap housing options for potential house purchasers. The metro rail line on Ghodbunder Road between Wadala and Kasarvadavali would provide seamless connectivity. Ghodbunder Road in Thane also serves as a link between the Eastern Express Highway and the Western Express Highway (WEH). Because of its accessibility, the neighbourhood has seen projects from some of the most well-known developers. Ghodbunder Road passes through Kasarvadavali, which has experienced some good construction and infrastructural development throughout the years.


Thane is the place to go if you`re wanting to make a real estate investment. The area is a popular choice for those looking for a home that provides them with the luxury of living in Mumbai on a shoestring budget. When houses in Thane are sold on the resale market, they are known to garner high prices, especially if they are purchased by well-known developers. If you are shopping for a property in Thane, you may find that the amenities that come with them are a deal breaker. Even as the country`s real estate market struggles, demand for residences in Thane remains strong. Thane offers a buyer a wide range of options from 1 BHK ready possession properties to 1 BHK under construction properties and investment prospects.

The environment in Thane is the most compelling incentive to invest in real estate in Thane. Thane has less pollution than the metropolis because it is surrounded by nature. Thane is surrounded by the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP), which contributes to its natural beauty. Thane also has a number of lakes to visit. In Thane, there are numerous well-kept gardens that you can visit with your family. The importance of clean air and a beautiful environment has a significant impact on your health. You not only ensure that you acquire your dream home, but also that your family`s health is protected. You don`t even have to leave the city to ensure that you aren`t breathing toxic air.

The way people live in cities is rapidly changing. The necessity of surviving in today`s urban environment has also evolved. If you`re looking to buy a house in a city, it might be difficult to assess your and your family`s needs while doing so. The topic of where you should buy your property isn`t going away either. You want to buy a property in a location that is close to the city or has a lot of commercial areas. Thane has become a popular destination for first-time home purchasers looking for inexpensive accommodation in well-known complexes. Thane has become home to a number of well-known projects, and a new project is being registered every day to be built in Thane.