Everything You Need To Know While Buying A Luxurious Property In Thane

Everything You Need To Know While Buying A Luxurious Property In Thane

The basis of a luxurious lifestyle is a luxurious house. And choosing a luxurious house that represents you can be quite a difficult task. In a developed city like Thane, which is considered to be among the top exclusive locations in Maharashtra, buying a luxurious property can be a dream of many people. A report conducted on the global real estate industry compiled by Knight Frank India limited, Thane ranked in the list of top 20 zones in the world where high class people prefer to own a house. The most contributing factor for this achievement is Thane`s incomparable infrastructure and top of the line connectivity.

Thane is close to the most happening city of India, Mumbai. It has excellent natural scenic beauty, good connectivity and developing government projects that promise world class social and civic infrastructure. Thus, it only makes sense that luxury is inevitable in Thane. When it comes to real estate and luxury projects in Thane, buyers are introduced with a number of grand choices that fit the unique requirements and standards of different buyers. Thane has become a home to some of the best real estate projects in not only Maharashtra but across the world. The city has become the focal point of the top names in the real estate development sector with more than a hundred luxurious projects under the works.

Properties in Thane are equipped with more space accompanied by all the modern facilities one could ask for, which is quite difficult in Mumbai. Thus, many people are choosing to shift from Mumbai to Thane, which leads to a high demand for luxurious properties here. Due to bigger space and the proposed metro project Many investors have gained a higher rate of return on investment in Thane as compared to the return on investment in Mumbai.

Thane, which was considered an industrial hub, is developing everyday and thus attracts big industrialists along with IT giants and corporates to shift and invest in luxurious properties.

Another factor that leads to a high demand of luxurious properties in Thane is the easy connectivity to Navi Mumbai. Instead of spending a huge amount of money to buy a property in Mumbai, people prefer to buy a property in Thane that ensures more space and better living experience while also being close to the mega city. The government organisations have also proposed many important projects to further improve the connectivity of the city along with many other infrastructural development plans.

It is thus obvious that Thane is emerging as one of the best alternatives to live and invest as compared to Mumbai or any other developed city in the country. Thane promises an excellent lifestyle with luxurious houses that provide ample space and top class amenities.

Top 10 things to keep in mind while buying a luxurious property in Thane

1. Understand your need:

Thane houses many luxurious bunglows, flats and even offices. Choose the right type of property based on your needs of investment and/or residential purposes. The size and location of the property must also suit your and your family`s needs.

2. Get the right developer:

The real estate market in Thane is quite profitable which attracts many developers from across the country. From the large number of options available choose a reputed developer that has been in the business for a good amount of time. Check their previous projects and look for reviews on their projects and customer services, online. Make note of the construction techniques used by them along with other details such as delivery schedules, documents and the majority of their clients.

3. Check the location:

Location is the most important factor that needs to be considered before buying any property. And when it comes to a luxurious property, compromising on location can be a big mistake. Look for a well developed and reputed neighbourhood with easy availability of basic resources. Privacy paired with what suits your lifestyle is what luxurious homes are all about. Last but the most important, check the history of crimes across the location. Luxurious properties tend to have a good security system but it is vital to be careful and choose a safe locality.

4. Cost:

When buying a luxurious property in Thane, you get numerous options that suit your budget. Average price of properties in Thane ranges between 85 lakhs to upto 5 crore. Depending upon your need you can get a 1BHK flat in Thane that starts with a price range of 65 lakh while 2 BHK luxurious flats have a starting price of 85 lakhs.

5. Look for right space:

Space defines luxury. Luxurious houses in Thane come with ample space along with a touch of natural beauty. But it is necessary to be careful and ensure you`re paying the right amount for the amount of space and size of the property.

6. Amenities are important:

Luxury and amenities are inseparable. More the number of amenities, higher the luxury standard of the property. While buying a luxurious property in Thane ensure you`re getting the right amenities according to the price you`re paying for the property.

7. Revisits can be helpful:

Revisiting a property can be tiresome and time consuming, but while choosing a luxurious property mark it among your top priorities. Check the property multiple times. Developers may try to attract you with edited pictures but make sure you never finalise a deal before actually visiting. Take your time and check every corner and every little detail of the property.

8. Negotiation is the key:

Many people may consider negotiating a little taboo when it comes to buying a luxurious property. Avoid this mistake. It is unarguable that a luxurious property in a well developed city like Thane will come at a good amount of money but negotiate your deal based on the area, the number of amenities and the size of the property.

9. Ask for every detail:

Before buying a luxurious property in Thane, make sure you have every detail you need. While buying a ready property, ask the time of construction and whether someone has used the property before. Check the water supplies, electricity services and note if anything is broken or damaged. If you`re choosing a property that is under construction, ask the developer for details regarding the floor plans, estimate time of completion of the project and the types and number of amenities etc.

10. Check every document:

Never miss out a single detail when it comes to legal documents while buying a luxurious property in Thane. Check for developer’s titles, property titles and land papers, other necessary licences and approvals as well as other laws which come under that area. Finalize your deal after you`re guaranteed that everything is legally verified and according to applicable laws. Keep extra copies of important documents like title deed, property tax receipts, release certificate, encumbrance certificate, land use and other local and government approvals.

Owning a luxurious property can be an extraordinary asset for a lifetime. Instead of rushing to buy a luxurious property in Thane, take your own time and do extensive research. Talk to native Thane residents and real estate experts who can guide you in making a profitable deal that suits your needs.