10 Reasons To Buy A Residential Apartment In Thane Rather Than Going For Rent

10 Reasons To Buy A Residential Apartment In Thane Rather Than Going For Rent

Whenever you ask any person who wants to buy a home whether he or she wants to own a property or rent it, the answer is always to own. Owning a property is always beneficial and that too in the new projects in Thane has a lot more conveniences and utilities which will add more brightness to a homebuyer’s life. With the beginning of many new constructions in Thane, a loud buzz has been created around the investors, and this query has been raised about whether to go for a rented home or to own our home. So, to clear the air,

Here are 10 reasons to buy a residential apartment in Thane rather than go for rent.

1 - Appreciation

Home is always going to be an asset no matter what time or year it is. Even if there are ups and downs in the real estate market, the value of a home has always increased with time. A house bought today by taking a strong step towards your life will always hold a much higher value in the future. The location, utilities such as easy-accessible transportation, current status of the house and neighborhood amenities will make you appreciate the house. The appreciation value of the house can be easily increased by renovations and improvements. This appreciation value cannot be achieved in rented homes. This is one of the most important benefits which you will gain while buying a property from the new projects in Thane.

2. Customizable space

When you buy a property instead of renting, one of the very basic and delightful experiences you enjoy is that you can get to do what you want, whether you need to knock down a wall to make a larger master bedroom or redo the bathroom to reflect your Art-Deco tastes. Your 2BHK flats in Thane can be renovated and reconstructed the way you want and the way you love. Owning the space you live in means you have the freedom to do whatever you feel is right, without worrying about losing your security deposit. Owning a home allows you to do whatever you like with it – from repainting the walls to full remodels. If you own your home, you have the freedom and full control to do what you want with it without having to worry about extra fees, lease contracts, terms, and other costs associated with renting. Your dream house can be built on the house you purchased.

3. Long-term, buying is cheaper than renting.

By now every homebuyer has this clue that if he/she is going forward with renting, then the finance is going to be more. When you rent a house, it`s the money that you cannot take back. When you rent a home, you are making monthly payments for a property that you don’t own, which means that you don’t build equity.A home is a valuable asset for everyone no matter the time and situation. If this asset is decided to be bought, it can be really very expensive, but not when you compare it with the plan of renting. Many new constructions in Thane have started taking place, and in some cases, buying properties from new projects in Thane can be comparable in cost to renting, considering the rates. Still, paying off a property that you own is way better than paying off someone else’s asset.

4. Buying a home gives you stability.

When you begin your search for a new home, there are several factors which you always look out for, whether from 2 BHK flats in Thane or any other properties. The factors are peace, privacy and stability. All these can never be available when you decide to go for rent because stability can only be provided by a house which has been bought and not rented. Purchasing a house means purchasing a secure, stable future where your children will always have a place of their own to play, learn and grow. Stability is very underrated as a feature because this is the one thing which everyone wants. When you own a house, you are indirectly winning a roof over your head ‘forever’.Homeowners typically put more work into their home to maintain it, customize it to their unique tastes and invest themselves emotionally in their homes when there is a major possibility of having stability.

5 Ownership pride:

New projects in Thane have provided properties to residents with more than just a place to crash after a long day’s work. It’s in fact where you spend most of your time of your life. It is where you can grow up with your family and begin a new life. Owning such a place till the time you`re alive is a blessing and a luxury which should make you feel proud. You can do whatever you want, you can paint the walls as you like and make your home an extension of your personality. This right of choice is clearly not available in a rental home and simply because you are at the hands of the landlord.

6- Long-term saving:

Not only do you get all the factors and appreciation value, you are also able to enjoy a great long-term investment when you decide to buy the 2BHK flats in Thane or any other property instead of renting them. Investing has many advantages, like every year, saving accounts will pay you 4% interest. Until taxes, a FD account will give you about 6% and a RD account will give you 7-8%. Depending on the real estate market condition, mutual fund investment would earn you a return of 10-15%.This will reduce the cost of purchasing a home and push you forward smoothly into action. It is an opportunity for the future as well as future generations. Now if you are thinking of renting a house, then it is not a good long-term project as it isn’t really an investment; it’s just a sale.

7. Easy home loans and tax benefits:

Today, having options in homes is easily approachable due to the undertaking of many new and under construction projects in Thane, which gives a lot of varieties for investors to pick and see whether or not it is for them. But not just extensive options, buying a home has become more affordable and more reliable than going for rent as you no longer need to sell ancestral land or go through a tedious approval process to get a home loan. Times have changed meticulously where leading banks and financial institutions today offer home loans at very affordable interest rates, as low as even 7% and a long payback period. In fact, people have around 30 years to pay back their loans. So really, taking a loan is not an impossible task anymore. As your income increases with time, you’ll be able to pay back your loans comfortably, without worrying about property tax.When you go and purchase yourself a home, you also enjoy tax deductions when you take a home loan.

8. Emotional security and certainty:

It`s very clear that when you buy a property, you get stability, but in a rented home, there is no certainty about your stay. You may be evicted anytime due to any kind of reason and be on the search for a new house all over, which is cumbersome and painful. The issue grows more as finding a good rented house is not so easy either. Rents are high in several prime localities, and finding a suitable house is no easy task. Owning a house in the new projects in Thane, on the other hand, is all in your hands, you`re not made to go through problems. You can be emotionally assured of the fact that this is a stable asset, and it`s not going anywhere.

9. Stronger social ties with the community.

This is a very obvious fact about buying a home, you can slowly and steadily build a stronger social connection with the community you reside in. But when you decide to go rentalYou probably don`t get to know your neighbors very well, aside from the usual small talk you make in passing. By the time the relationship becomes solid, you might have to change and rent somewhere else. A community shapes a person’s life in the best way. As your distant relatives are not going to help you in the need of an hour, it will be the relationships you keep with people inside the community who will reach you first.

10. Rent your purchased home

This may be another big angle of why buying a home from new projects in Thane can be very advantageous than renting. When you purchase a home, you also have the right to give out your house to rent whenever you are about to leave for a better one. Although homeownership is a long-term commitment, many homeowners go on to rent their homes when they purchase a second one, or even rent out extra space to other tenants.

From all these reasons above, you can see why buying a home in Thane is better than renting. New construction in Thane has already attracted many more eyes to the city, and it`s the ideal time to buy a new property. The decision of renting or buying really doesn`t have to be this tough. All you need to see is what is going to help you in the long term of your life. Stability, appreciation value, strong connection with community, profitability on finance, etc. all these are the main wheels which will drive your family into happiness and serenity, and all these are only accessible when you buy a property instead of renting it.