Expert Picks Of The Most Coveted Location In Thane For Real Estate Investments

Expert Picks Of The Most Coveted Location In Thane For Real Estate Investments

Thane is a city that is an immediate neighbor to Mumbai and usually, the pair is called the twin city. Thane is the location you are looking for if you want the luxuries of Mumbai on a budget. Properties in Thane that fetch a lot of money have become a common sight. If you are in the market looking for a house in Thane you might find that the amenities that they come with are a hard pass. Even when the real estate market is struggling, the demand for properties in Thane hasn’t taken much of a hit. Thane provides the buyer with ample choices and investment opportunities. This article looks into places where you could invest in real estate in Thane.

Ghodbunder Road is one of the most prestigious spots in Thane for people who are looking to invest in real estate. Ghodbunder is a 20 kilometers long stretch running through Thane; it links the Western and Eastern Express Highways. It is easily accessible from the city of Mumbai. The easy availability of land parcels in this area has encouraged developers to start new projects. The properties in Ghodbunder section gives a luxurious lifestyle to the middle class and the upper-middle members of society. They mostly yield higher returns on selling and rentals. The stretch is filled with projects made by some of the most reputed builders.

Ghodbunder Road is surrounded by fancy buildings, urban open spaces, great infrastructure, and good connectivity all for an affordable price. The area is soon going to enjoy the metro running through it which would only add to the initial investment that you would make for your home. It is being predicted that this will provide connectivity to another 1.5 lakh passengers who commute on this route. The work is already underway and the infrastructure for the metro is already being constructed. With the metro in place, the locality will become even easier to travel to and the travel time would be cut into half for most destinations around the city. Ghodbunder Road also has some of the most reputable schools for your kids to enjoy a good education.

Asangaon is a coveted residential neighborhood in Thane district which houses some of the well-known big-ticket projects. The locality is very well connected to Mumbai through some of the best railway connectivity. Asangaon’s railway station is part of the central railway line of Mumbai which means regular trains are running to and from Asangaon to Mumbai. Thane railway station is a few stations away from Asangaon.

Asangaon is known for providing good amenities to its residents helping them live a peaceful stress-free life. Like Ghodbunder road, Asangaon boasts some of the best schools for your child to go to. Being remote the locality still has hospitals that are comparable to that in cities. Current property rates in the region range around Rs. 2,400 to Rs. 2,800 per square feet. This means a lavish house would cost you less than a 2 BHK house in Mumbai. The region has seen a price appreciation of close to 9.9% in the last couple of years. The recent surge in property prices in Asangaon suggests that it will be a good investment destination even soon yielding higher returns on selling and rentals.

Kalyan is another town located in the Thane district and has emerged as a popular property destination. It has its municipal corporation which takes care of the welfare of the area and is well-connected via buses operated by KDMT and the railway network. There are a lot of localities that you could choose to invest in which are well developed. The affordable nature of the housing projects in Kalyan has led to the prosperity and success it is witnessing now. The success of the location can be understood by its railway station as it has the third busiest junction station in the twin cities of Thane and Mumbai.