The Ultimate Guide to Find a Flat in Thane - All You Need To Know

The Ultimate Guide to Find a Flat in Thane - All You Need To Know

People’s quest to find a flat in Thane is a crucial task and an important decision to take in life. The real estate market right now is competitive and pricey as well. Thane is now rapidly evolving as one of the preferred locations that perfectly suits the requirements which the modern homebuyers have nowadays. Situated in the north-eastern part of Mumbai, Thane, is a city surrounded by many lakes, an abundance of greenery around, open area and the most important clean air to breathe. Thane is soon going to witness an exponential development in the future. Throughout the years, Thane has developed with social and cultural infrastructure. The quantity of retail and business spaces have additionally expanded in this district which is helping Thane consistently move towards an independence model. Thane has transformed into an affordable and preferred realty market, adding to the steady improvement in the infrastructure. Thane has standard water and power supply. It has one of the greatest malls in the area and is furthermore observing an impact in the business part moreover. This is the best time to buy a property in Thane, as everything that a buyer needs is set up. Despite different challenges which you might face while finding a perfect flat in Thane, flexibility and the location should be the prime factors while selecting a flat. Here is the detailed guide which is applicable for anyone who is trying to find a flat in Thane.

Why Thane?

Thane is becoming an affordable and most preferred realty market for homebuyers nowadays because of the continuous improvement and development in infrastructure, connectivity to Mumbai and other parts of the city, the emergence of new business hubs and the increasing availability of land parcels in Thane which is encouraging homebuyers and investors to buy property in Thane and is also proving as a profitable investment for them.


Thane consistently ranks as one of the most preferred cities in Mumbai for affordable housing. Having an accurate budget decided in advance is essential for deciding which neighborhoods to target, and also helps in figuring out how much space you can afford. Whether you can go for 1 BHK flats in thane or you should go for 2 BHK flats in Thane, it all depends on your budget. While buying a property in Thane, it is important not to forget that this process will involve both short-term and long-term costs. The long-term cost will include your utility bills and maintenance cost. Short-term cost will include security deposit and various other expenses. It is also important to have some extra cash on hand in case of any emergency as buying a flat involves a huge amount of cost.


Thane was recently awarded as the most promising cities of India and this city remains to be the first choice of all homebuyers nowadays. Thane has numerous housing options spread across all over the city. Always try to look for an apartment in a gated community and in a safe neighbourhood which is closer to your workplace because relocating to a new place altogether can be a daunting task. There are many prime localities inThane where home buyers prefer to buy a flat. Areas like Ghodbunder road and Asangaon have also grown since the past few years. The easy availability of land in Ghodbunder road is encouraging real estate developers to launch many residential and commercial projects. The properties available in this area is specially constructed for homebuyers who are looking out for moderate however liveable conditions.

Asangoan is offering beautiful and spacious flats for sale and therefore has now become one of the most favourable locations in Thane for homebuyers.

Daily Commute

Getting around in Thane and nearby places is relatively easy now because of the excellent metro infrastructure which is there and further developing in this city. People who would prefer to commute by road, there are various public transport available like you can easily catch a bus, an autorickshaw at every corner of the city. You can also consider many car and taxi pooling apps to commute. Metro trains have almost ended the struggles of using public transport on the road and is fairly reasonable also.

Amenities offered

Before you finalize your decision to book a particular flat in Thane it is always better to explore the area properly to get a feel of the neighborhood. By doing so you will get a good idea of the nearby local grocery stores or medical stores or salons or restaurants for anything which you might require later on when you settle down here. You should also check upon the amenities offered by the developer for the housing societies such as open garden area, swimming pool, play area for kids, gymnasiums and many other things.

Leisure places

Who doesn’t like exploring around the place they live? Thane is one of the cities to have preserved its cultural roots. It is having many religious and cultural places spread over the city. There are many famous restaurants to chill around during the weekends. This city also gives you an amazing experience of shopping and nightlife.

Renting options

Many people would like to invest in real estate, therefore, they lookout for a flat in Thane. They then can rent this flat and can get an additional income throughout their life. Thane might be the best city as the real estate here is broken down over numerous parts and you get various housing options available here. People working in Mumbai can’t afford a place to rent in Mumbai as housing rental will be higher if they wish to stay close to Mumbai. Therefore many people search out for rental places in Thane. There’s a better chance of getting spacious apartments at an affordable price in a locality like Thane.

When you’re so close to moving in your dream home soon, it’s advisable to take these points into consideration when you go out to search for your dream home. Thane will definitely surprise you during your search for a flat in this city.