Checklist of Things To Consider Before Buying An Apartment in Thane

Checklist of Things To Consider Before Buying An Apartment in Thane

Thane is now considered to be one of the top places to invest in Mumbai majorly because of the connectivity developments in this city. Thane is no longer called the Satellite city of Maharashtra. It is blessed with excellent connectivity to major parts of Mumbai and it goes without saying that the development in physical and civic infrastructure is increasing the demand for housing in this city. With numerous IT Parks, business zones and shopping centers coming up in Thane, there are a few new housing projects which are capitalizing on the twin variables of accessible social framework, business and business development and obviously, higher employment opportunities and openings in the area. This, alongside the right progressing foundation work, i.e broadening of existing streets, the cluster policy, TDR strategy and other positive approaches of the Government, has pulled in a few renowned real estate developers as to creating ventures in Thane.

The city is surrounded by numerous lakes, well known among them being Talao Pali. Parsik and Yeoor hills are additionally famous destinations to visit in Thane. Thane has a cosmopolitan culture simply like Mumbai. It has an exceptionally rich culture and each celebration is commended with energy here. The educational division in Thane is very well developed. It has many designing, medical and engineering universities. This area offers a lot of development potential, as the legislature has loose FDI standards in this segment. Likewise, the education part is developing enormously with more individuals choosing advanced education and better alternatives. Henceforth, this is a strong region of venture for foreign investors. Thane has numerous modern regions, for example, Wagle industrial estate, and TTC home, among others. These industrial areas have a wide range of ventures, for example, chemical, textile, building, and construction, electrical ones. Significant IT corporations, for example, Godrej and TCS are located in Thane.


Location is of utmost importance, you should look around carefully the area where you are going to reside eventually. The property you are planning to invest should be in a safe and secure place, offering proper security to family members, all modern amenities and proper physical infrastructure. These factors are necessary to be considered which will help you live a peaceful life in the future. You should not forget to check for basic facilities like grocery stores, hospitals, public transport, and schools.

Inspect the Property

After checking out a few of the preferred apartments that you have shortlisted, check each property properly. Make sure your apartment is nearby schools, hospitals, and shops. Consider the amount of traffic near the building and check for the amount of noise as well. If there is a lot of noise, it will not be a great idea to invest in such properties. Verify all the amenities and security measures provided by the builder. There should be various facilities for your children, parents and other family members.

Hidden Costs Involved

Different expenses can emerge anytime that can’t be anticipated toward the beginning of the transaction. For instance, the builders can make additional charges for changing their records when another individual joins or leaves a property, and for organization expenses to give data you’ll require so as to get a home loan. This can include a few more hundred rupees to the expense of moving, so it merits planning for well in advance.

Maintenance charges

Many people are completely unaware of the maintenance charges while buying an apartment in Thane. There are maintenance charges like property tax, elevator charges, water charges, municipal tax, charges for staff members of the building, and electricity charges which are applicable to each and every resident of that building. Another question that arises while considering this aspect is do you own a vehicle? Then parking charges and additional facilities for your vehicle are also added. Ask your builder how many parking slots he has allocated to each flat. It is always better to clarify such questions well in advance.

Price of the Property

The first step in choosing a house or a flat is to fix a budget. It makes it easier to shortlist a house if you recognize what quantity you’re willing to pay thereon. Compare the worth of the property in question with those encompassing it from varied builders to urge a concept if the builder has offered you a real quotation. There are ways where you’ll be able to get a comparative analysis of properties within the area you’re trying. Portal listings, brokers of the area or newspaper listings are such sources.

Market Research

Before you finalize upon the property which you want to invest in, research the market to make sure you are investing your money in the right place. Talk to different real estate agents and also ask people around about the recent sales in the area. Don’t just completely rely on what real estate agents tell you. Always be very sure that the money you are putting in will be reflected in the apartment you buy.

Builder’s Reputation

As a buyer/investor, it’s your responsibility to check the Builder or Developer’s history. By visiting recent buildings created by the same builder, you may get an idea about his position in the market to make your mind up upon the standard followed by the builder. Generally, all smart developers maintain their complete profile in some kind of magazine or brochure. Simply kindle it before buying for the flat. Additionally, by checking the past history you’ll build a prediction that whether or not the builder can offer the flat on secure possession date or not.

It is advisable to buy your dream home safely considering all these points mentioned above carefully.