Luxury High-Rise Flats Are On A Rise in Thane. Should You Buy Them?

Luxury High-Rise Flats Are On A Rise in Thane. Should You Buy Them?

Thane is a dream destination for homebuyers nowadays with introducing luxury living in the city. Thane is an economic city in Maharashtra where you will find the best real estate property serving different homebuyer’s expectations. This city is covered with social features, business and industrial hubs, shopping centers, and many branded outlets. Thane has transformed itself with high-class pleasantries and institutionalization of life. Thane offers a wide range of options in the luxury residential segment of the real estate market. There are many top-most luxurious residential projects in Thane offering world-class amenities leading to a luxurious life which many homebuyers have always dreamt of living! Thane offers excellent connectivity which has become one of the greatest advantages for its residents. Traveling to major parts of Mumbai has become very convenient with national highway 3 and 4 connecting Thane to Mumbai. The introduction of metro services is going to cut down the traveling time to half making it easier for people to travel to far off places as well. These connectivity developments in the city are increasing the demand of the real estate sector making this city the most preferred destination in Mumbai for many homebuyers. Once affordability was the biggest highlight of the residential market of Thane, however, now the demand for premium housing has also seen an increase in the graph in recent years. Thane, a beautiful and greener city in Mumbai has become the first choice of homebuyers in recent times.

IT Parks, business centers, corporate offices, and shopping malls springing up in Thane, there are many new luxurious residential projects, cashing in on the dual factors of social infrastructure, business, and industrial growth and in fact, higher employment rates and opportunities within the space. This, together with the proper ongoing infrastructure work, i.e widening of existing roads, the cluster policy, TDR policy and alternative favorable policies of the govt., has attracted many renowned real estate developers with respect to developing luxurious residential projects in Thane. Along with social and industrial development in this city, architectural developments are also improving day by day, booming real estate market in Thane. The increase in architectural development is all because of the greater connectivity to other parts of the city, attracting more homebuyers to invest in real estate property in Thane. It’s the high inspirational worth of the homes in Thane, that motivates homebuyers to pay a handsome worth for the properties here. The two major factors that have an effect on the buying and selection decisions of the consumers is that the pleasant person’s worth, and also the lifestyle provided by the amenities the developers integrate into this micro-market. Some real estate developers have gone overboard and been evangelistic in increasing the availability of 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Thane.

Here are a few reasons why luxury high rise flats are in demand in Thane.

The Demand - Initially people always thought of living in high-rise luxurious flats but never had many options. A lot of homebuyers prefer to live in luxurious apartments with various modern facilities. There’s no denying that Thane has now become the most sought- after destination for aspiring homebuyers especially after many new housing projects been launched in this city. There has been a revival in interest in Thane’s luxury residential projects which is thereby increasing the demand for luxurious flats in Thane. All new luxury projects launched in Thane by renowned developers offer modern amenities like swimming pool, well-equipped gymnasium, huge children’s play area, open jogging track, sitting area, grand lobby and entrance area, elevators and so on. These modern facilities are basically embedded with the aim of attracting high net worth buyers. Many industrialists, business people, and NRIs show their interest in buying luxurious flats in Thane.

High Standard of Living - Owning luxurious flats, fancy automobiles, going on international trips, residing in a good locality are a few things people aspire to do nowadays. People strive hard to improve their standard of living, pushing the boundaries to receive the best of everything in this world and live a luxurious life. With the increase in opportunities and employment rate, people are now being able to work in various sectors of different industries and earn an income to fulfill all their dreams. With the increase in income, people’s expectation also increases from their standard of living. The best way one can think of to improve their standard of living is by owning a luxurious flat in a good location with the best of amenities to make their lives more comfortable. The more the number of amenities, the more comfortable one can get and can get an experience of high-status lifestyle.

The Supply - The real estate market is evolving very fast towards luxury projects as customers today are ready to pay a premium amount if they are really happy with a particular luxury project. With the current scenario in the real estate market, experts said that it is not advisable to go for under-construction flats as they are not relatively safer. Luxury projects in Thane will be able to command high prices only if they justify the price with the amenities they are offering in the project that will help customers experience the lifestyle they had always dreamt of living. Before investing in luxury projects in Thane, homebuyers should perform proper research on the developers and ensure that the project is Rera registered and has a proper registration number otherwise you might fall into trouble after investing a huge amount of money.

The major chunk of customers now wants to live in a luxury community with all features and modern amenities. The appeal of people living in various communities is having a positive factor which draws more buyers towards luxury projects in Thane.