Real Estate Prices in Thane May Rise After Covid-19 Lockdown Ends

Real Estate Prices in Thane May Rise After Covid-19 Lockdown Ends

Thane is part of the twin city and a rival to Mumbai. The real estate scene in Thane is becoming one of the best in the country. Thane is the forerunner to cause changes in the real estate market all around the country. Ever since the COVID-19 lockdown developers and builders active in Thane have noticed a wave of change favorable for them. This might be good news since the changes in real estate laws took place back in 2017 the market had been struggling. The real estate developers who are witnessing the change are more likely to ride the success wave. So why may real estate prices rise after the COVID-19 lockdown?

In recent years the market has witnessed tough times and the year 2020 was supposed to be the year that the real estate market finally makes its comeback. But the fears were looming again due to the COVID-19 lockdown that the market is due for another crash. But the lockdown has been good for real estate as it is teaching bringing in people from the rental market who have understood the importance of owning their own house. The property prices even before lockdown had seen some dips but were fairly stable. The suburbs of Thane are performing extremely well during this revival of the market as it can be noticed by new luxury residential projects in Thane. The prices and demands are expected to start growing after the COVID-19 lockdown ends.

Every market has seen a massive slowdown during the pandemic and the real estate market in Thane is no different. The residential projects in Thane that were projected to be sold off this year have not been possible. The whole country was placed under lockdown and every service was operating at reduced capacity or completely stopped. The people doing the economic maths have predicted the real estate market to jump back into form and perform better. Once the lockdown ends the real estate market is expected to build its momentum slowly but the market is expected to grow consistently without upsets.

Due to the pandemic, the prices in Thane have either fallen or stayed stable. The prices of property have witnessed all the dip it had to notice and the market will observe an upward trend according to some economists. If you are an investor now would be a good time to invest in properties in Thane so that you get maximum return on investment once the market starts witnessing an upward trend. If you invest in residential projects in Thane now you could expect your investment to grow along with the market growth.

Like we stated above the pandemic has opened the eyes of people who used to live in rental homes and they now understand the security of owning a house. Living on rent is also cumbersome when you are living on reduced pay or dwindling savings. People due to this pandemic are looking into finally stepping up and buying a house. People have been looking up residential projects in Thane and have been trying to get in contact with real estate developers in Thane to get more insight into buying the flat they are making. This brings in the long-awaited demand for the houses in Thane.

Even the government stepped in to make the home-buying more affordable for people by giving them hefty tax rebates. The seeds that were laid by the real estate developers in previous years are slowly starting to bear fruits. The younger generation is drawn towards ownership rather than renting living space.

Given all the signs the prices of real estate could see a steady increase after the lockdown.