Experience The Symphony Of A Readymade Life By Investing In A Ready To Move Flat In Thane

Experience The Symphony Of A Readymade Life By Investing In A Ready To Move Flat In Thane

Owning a residential property is an emotional decision along with being an important one too, that every individual has to make in their entire lifetime. No wonder there will be hundreds of questions flooding your brain not just for a few days, but maybe months or years together. Thus, only after looking through all the affecting factors and considering their consequences thoroughly, one can make the final decision on which ready to move flat in Thane you should book for yourself. The major confusion is mostly whether to book an under-construction property or a ready-to-possess property.

The resale real estate market has offered new homebuyers, especially those looking for ready-to-move flats in Thane, an opportunity that can reduce the risks of purchasing under-construction properties that will most probably amplify the delays.

Ready to move flats in Thane eliminate the probability of getting misled about your new homes in Mumbai along with other amazing benefits that it has to offer. These flats are maybe slightly expensive as compared to an under-construction flat in a similar area. Due to the supply overhang, the rate difference between ready possession flats and flats in an under-construction project is considerably bridged over time.

So if you are thinking of buying a ready to move flat in Thane, get ready to experience the symphony of a ready-made living experience that you can choose from the wide range of alternatives that will be available to you. Ready to move residential properties are those which are available immediately to be occupied by its buyers. Here are a few aspects that will help you with making a better decision about your new home in Thane:

1. You will receive what you see

The greatest benefit of opting for ready to move flats in Thane is that you will be handed over the same property in the same condition which was shown to you when making a sale. You can go and take a look at the flat before making any payments to see the completed design and infrastructure of the flat for yourself. You can get an experience of the quality of living in the flat and there can’t be any discrepancies with your experience.

2. Immediate handover

When you book a ready to move flat in Thane, you will be able to instantly move in with your stuff in your brand new home. You will be handed over the possession of your house immediately after you have completed the payment & documentation formalities. But if you are planning on making a booking in an under-construction residential project, you may have to wait for a few years before getting possession of the apartment.

3. Aiding the tax

As per the specialists from the real estate market, it is better to start planning the purchase of your new house as if you buy it at an early age, you will be helped in the tax reduction. Ready to move flats in Thane offers a vast capital tax gain under the sale of property for more than 2-3 years, but this only applies if the amount is reinvested in real estate within the next two years. But if the handover of your flats in Thane is moved further then you may have to pay more in the form of capital gain tax. All this hassle is eliminated when you decide on buying ready possession flats as there is no service tax involved and the price presented to you is the final one.

4. Avoid the down payment, only EMI

If you are a home seeker who is depending on a home loan to buy your ready to move flat in Thane then this is the best thing for you. You will only have to bear the monthly EMIs of your home loan, excluding any other payments. In the case of under-construction projects, you have to pay a down payment at the time of booking and your EMI starts as soon as the construction is completed. Whereas in the case of ready possession homes, you only have to pay the EMIs timely.

5. Low risk

You are free from risks like a delay of possession and also being duped as you will get what you see when you buy ready to move flats in Thane. Project delays and deceiving by real estate builders are quite common as there have been observed cases which is why it is extremely important to be careful when buying any kind of property.

6. Familiarize with the neighbors

When it is ready to move property, you can acclimate yourself with the place and the people that will be living around you. You can take a look at the society you are going to be in, the neighbors and community that you are going to be a part of, and see if you can be with them or not. Familiarizing yourself with the place and people is a very important step to fit in.

7. Focus on your budget

When you are buying a ready to move flat in Thane, you can look for a property that will precisely fit into your budget. All the extra costs are included in the price that is given to you, there is no GST or service tax added, you can save on the monthly rents that you used to pay.

8. Rental income

If you are an investor that is choosing to buy ready to move flats in Thane, you can rent out the place immediately after buying and start a fixed monthly income. The rent can cover your home loan EMIs or other expenses or just savings.

Analyze your finances, gather all the paperwork from your and the builders’ side as well when you are planning to buy ready to move flats in Thane. If you choose the best real estate developer, your home loan process will be quite simple and quick. Buying a home is undoubtedly a daunting process but with the proper amount of vigilance and research along with keeping the long-term goals in mind, the final result can be sweet.