What Makes Ghodbunder Road In Thane An Ideal Location For 2 BHK Investment?

What Makes Ghodbunder Road In Thane An Ideal Location For 2 BHK Investment?

The booming satellite city of Thane, which is an expanded suburb of the MMR region, earned the moniker `The city of dreams` a few years ago, and the moniker has never been more apt than it is now. As potential end-users and investors continue to pour into this sophisticated metropolis from all across the country, the city`s growth has continued uninterrupted, and it is now growing and merging with neighbouring towns.

While every city transforms as a result of uncontrolled migration, Thane`s scenario is unique in that the strategic growth is led by housing and commercial development, which is well supplemented by rapid infrastructure development in terms of connection and transportation.

The current pandemic age has dramatically impacted the real estate market, with preferences changing to fit new realities, such as the WFH concept. Many potential home buyers will now consider relocating to cities bordering areas such as Ghodbunder Road resulting in new development, which will be a unique case among the new micro-markets for being an affordable destination for the middle-income group in search of homes with enhanced amenities.

New Projects in Thane Ghodbunder Road are expected to become part of one of the fastest-growing real estate markets. It has evolved into one of the most sought-after investment locations. When compared to Thane, this location offers all of the convenience, comfort, and ease that Thane offers.

Advantages Of Buying 2 BHK Flats In Ghodbunder Road:

1. Ghodbunder Road Is Now Becoming A Smart City

Thane`s development has been accelerated by the Indian government`s inclusion of the city on a list of smart cities. Ghodbunder Road, the most popular investment destination, will soon be home to the top amenities. With improved infrastructure and Under Construction Projects In Thane Ghodbunder Road will become more appealing, efficient, and sustainable.

2. A Persistent Increase In The Value Of Real Estate

Ghodbunder Road has been identified as one of the most attractive investment destinations around Mumbai, according to reports by various realty agencies for the last four quarters, owing to its exceptional connectivity, excellent infrastructure support, and new construction of residential & commercial projects In Thane Ghodbunder Road.

3. An Increase In The Number Of Upcoming Government-Approved Infrastructure Projects

Thane is slated to benefit from a succession of government-approved infrastructure projects, including a 3.2-kilometer cable suspension bridge, flyovers, and radial highways to improve connectivity and make it a more appealing place to live. Ghodbunder Road is now only a few minutes away from the major cities in the area.

The proposed Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train, the Virar Alibaug Multimodal Transport Corridor, the planned Thane-Borivali tunnel, scheduled Thane Waterways, RO waterways, and the planned CST-Thane Underground Railway Line, to name a few, are all set to change the extended Thane`s real estate skyline. It has been beholding regions around Thane such as Ghodbunder Road, which are on the cusp of evolving into an operating commercial hub as well, due to the approaching connectivity with other means of transportation, housing plans, and the private real estate traction.

4. Invest In A Wide Range Of Options

Ghodbunder is a beautiful place to live for those looking for a place to call home. It offers appealing investment opportunities as well as a diverse choice of housing options to suit every budget. 2 BHK flats in Ghodbunder Road are a great place to invest since it offers luxury projects and infrastructure options at cheap pricing, as well as closeness to Mumbai and excellent connectivity.

5. Social Infrastructure That Is Thriving

The Thane-Ghodbunder Freeway, metro rail, retail and commercial infrastructure, and vibrant malls in the Thane neighbourhood have made Ghodbunder Road a sought-after investment destination.

A variety of lakes, an increasing number of malls, new projects being developed on a regular basis, and a suitable price range have made it a very appealing residential destination.

Future infrastructure around Thane & Ghodbunder Road, such as an additional airport in Navi Mumbai, as well as the extension of the Metro and monorail network in Thane city, is expected to contribute to property market growth in the future.


Ghodbunder Road benefits from the ease of commutability that comes with being in the middle of so many places. Because of the rapid commercial revolution taking place in the shape of IT parks and malls, the surrounding suburbs of Thane and Airoli in Navi Mumbai have developed into significant IT centers, resulting in a spike in employment opportunities, as well as a rise in demand for residences. Aside from that, Bhiwandi`s surrounding towns are quickly becoming warehousing hubs for e-commerce giants. With a rising affordability index, excellent ROI possibilities, and an uncompromising rate of infrastructure development, this outlying micro-market will see rapid expansion, not only from migrants, but also from millennials and middle-income groups seeking to improve their lifestyle.

Millennials, unlike previous generations, do not want to spend hours of their workday travelling, hence creating a demand for property developers to construct residences close to where the labour force is.

Ghodbunder Road and other areas in and around Thane have countersigned some of the major infrastructural projects undertaken and completed in recent years, influencing the growth trajectory. Residents of these areas may take advantage of not just their own township amenities, but also some of Thane`s best social infrastructure, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, and entertainment. There have been numerous real initiatives implemented to promote the city`s connectivity, ranging from widening internal roadways to constructing flyovers connecting the city to nearby cities.

In addition, the under-construction Metro Line 4 in the area, which will run from Wadala to Kasarvadavali, will provide commuters with a quick way to avoid traffic congestion. METRO LINE 10, which would run from Gaimukh to Shivaji Chowk, would also provide seamless connection between Mira-Bhayandar and Thane. Existing residents, potential purchasers, and investors from all around the city will undoubtedly be drawn to the neighbourhood by well-planned residential developments, growing infrastructure, affordable rates, and a plethora of open spaces. With the current work-from-home lifestyle, many people may now prefer to live in more spacious and cost-effective homes in Thane`s outskirts, which act as an extension of Thane. While ample supply is now available in most of the margins, more supply would be required to meet this growing demand.