Reasons As To Why Ready to Occupy Apartments in Thane Are In Huge Demand.

Reasons As To Why Ready to Occupy Apartments in Thane Are In Huge Demand.

Everyone has a dream in life to buy their own home and this is one of the most important decisions which everyone has to take in their life. Choosing the right kind of dream home to live with your family is one of the biggest and toughest decision to make for everyone. And to take this step in life which is a long term investment goal as people need to put all their hard-earned money into buying their dream home. As buying homes are considered long term investments, everyone needs to be very careful when they have picked the home which can satisfy their family’s needs. Owning a dream home usually excites people and can lead to speeding up the buying process.

When you decide to buy an apartment or flat in Thane, you’ve got various options like a ready-to-occupy apartment, pre-launch apartments and under construction apartments. The most common dilemma faced by everyone during this buying process is whether you should buy an under-construction property or should opt for a ready-to-move-in apartment. Though the residential real estate sector in India is going through a lot of stress. Stagnant prices of residential properties in major cities indicate that real estate sector is not growing as well as it should be. Housing is a basic need of everyone, and the growing demand for housing has kept the faith alive among developers and investors. And therefore, the focus of developers and builders has shifted from commercial properties to residential properties because of the growing demand for housing. Ready-to-occupy apartments in Thane are highly in demand and considered sought-after option these days due to the numerous benefits and features a homebuyer can avail from it.

In case of an under-construction project, the consumer needs to make wild guesses approximately how the project will turn out, the foundation at the floor plans and master plans. It may be a bit tough to visualize the qualities of the facilities and the precise unit bought. But, then again, with the ready-to-move-in apartments, you may see the format and think about every room alongside the various centers before you move ahead and make a purchase decision. In case of an under-construction project, you will have to wait for a certain time period till the last handover day arrives. This may get a little difficult in the case of project delay due to some unavoidable situations. Then again as the name suggests ready-to-move apartments will make certain that you do not need to get everything at all for purchasing ownership. Via making funding for ready-to-move apartments, you may effortlessly avoid paying the rent of the home in sync with the pre-EMI prices at the same time. Through opting for a ready-to-move-in apartment you could avoid at least one form of taxations out-and-out, as the goods and provider tax laws are all set to exempt completed homes from service tax.

Here are a few reasons why should you opt for ready-to-occupy apartments when planning to buy an apartment in Thane.

Tax Benefits

Whenever people opt for under-construction properties, they are required to pay tax on an annual basis. You can claim the interest paid to the builder with regards to repairs and purchase of the property when the keys to the property are handed over to you. Paying tax regularly is a necessity but can prove to be your biggest hindrance if you don’t act smartly with your purchase decision. You can avoid paying tax when you decide to buy ready-to-occupy apartments as Goods and Service Tax laws is slated to exempt completed properties from service tax.

Ready-To-Move-In anytime

Ready-to-occupy apartments in Thane are high in demand because of the reason that it gives quick possession which is one of the most influencing factors. On the other hand, for under-construction properties the waiting period may not be feasible for every homebuyer. Whenever people plan to move into new cities in a shorter period of time, they opt for ready-to-occupy apartments as it is easy for them to find a home on shorter notice.

Paying for what you see

Ready-to-occupy apartments in Thane are a great deal in terms of transparency wherein the home buyer truly receives what they see as all the functions, facilities and features in person. This aids the decision making process because the homebuyer could make an assessment of his expectancies with what’s being presented and pay the most effective price for what he sees. Prior to booking a ready-to-move-in apartment, they get to experience each nook and corner, take a look at the facilities and amenities provided, thereby preventing any uncertainties concerning the gap, view, quality, and features of the apartment.

Rid of rental payments

If you are a tenant living in a rented apartment and are continuously paying the rent of your existing home. This way you will end up paying for two monthly payments that are your rental amount and pre-EMI charges if you have taken a loan to book an under-construction property. You can avoid this double payment by going for a ready-to-occupy apartment.

Ensures your comfort

Do you like an apartment in Thane? See how it is properly, and buy it immediately so that you do not have the time to change your mind! Humans usually have this tendency where their mind is unsettled and it changes their taste and choice very often. This can sometimes prove as a hindrance which can be completely removed in case of ready-to-occupy apartments. Under-construction apartments may take a lot of time to be delivered and there is a good chance that you might find a better deal while waiting for your booked apartment to get ready completely.

So, get ready to buy a ready-to-occupy apartment in Thane with world-class amenities. There are various new residential projects coming up in Thane which are getting booked day by day, don’t wait and book your dream home today!