A1 - 15th Slab Completed
A2 - 14th Slab Completed
A3 - Plinth work ongoing

A well-planned residential township sprawling over 20 acres, Raunak Bliss is located on the foothills of Sanjay Gandhi national park / Yeoor hills in Thane on Ghodbunder Road.

This residential enclave enjoys the best of both the worlds - away from the humdrum of the city, but still only a whisper away from all conveniences. Conveniently located close to schools, hospitals and shopping, the township will also have shops to take care of daily necessities within its boundaries, making Raunak Bliss a self-sufficient township project.

Each Sector of Raunak Bliss will have its own landscaped garden, children play-area, community hall for hosting functions, jogging track etc. There is also a common clubhouse with a swimming pool and gym and party lawns


Project Location Ghodbunder Road, Thane
Current Status A1 - 15th Slab Completed
A2 - 14th Slab Completed
A3 - Plinth work ongoing
Starting Price 56 Lacs Onwards
Configuration Available 1BHK
Construction Funding
Home Loans
RERA Registration Number
Legal Documents
Authorised Channel Partners





Landscaped Garden


Children's play area






Swimming Pool

Layout Plans

Floor Plans

360 Degree

Site Progress

<b>August, 2019</b>(A2 - 14th Slab Completed)

August, 2019(A2 - 14th Slab Completed)

<b>August, 2019</b>(A1 - 15th Slab Completed)

August, 2019(A1 - 15th Slab Completed)

<b>July, 2019</b>(A2 - 13th Slab Completed)

July, 2019(A2 - 13th Slab Completed)

<b>July, 2019</b>(A1 - 14th Slab Completed)

July, 2019(A1 - 14th Slab Completed)

<b>July, 2019</b>(A2 - 12th Slab Completed)

July, 2019(A2 - 12th Slab Completed)

<b>July, 2019</b>(A1 - 13th Slab Completed)

July, 2019(A1 - 13th Slab Completed)

<b>June, 2019</b>(A2 - 11th Slab Completed)

June, 2019(A2 - 11th Slab Completed)

<b>May, 2019</b>(A2 - 10th Slab Completed)

May, 2019(A2 - 10th Slab Completed)

<b>May, 2019</b>(A1 - 11th Slab Completed)

May, 2019(A1 - 11th Slab Completed)

<b>May, 2019</b>(A3 - Plinth work ongoing)

May, 2019(A3 - Plinth work ongoing)

<b>April, 2019</b>(A2 - 9th Slab Completed)

April, 2019(A2 - 9th Slab Completed)

<b>April, 2019</b>(A1 - 10th Slab Completed)

April, 2019(A1 - 10th Slab Completed)

<b>April, 2019</b>(A2 - 8th Slab Completed)

April, 2019(A2 - 8th Slab Completed)

<b>March, 2019</b>(A3 - Foundation work begins)

March, 2019(A3 - Foundation work begins)

<b>March, 2019</b>(A3 - Foundation work begins)

March, 2019(A3 - Foundation work begins)

<b>March, 2019</b>(A1 - 9th Slab Completed)

March, 2019(A1 - 9th Slab Completed)

<b>March, 2019</b>(A1 - 8th Slab Completed</br>A2 - 7rd Slab Completed)

March, 2019(A1 - 8th Slab Completed
A2 - 7rd Slab Completed)

<b>March, 2019</b>(A1 - 8th Slab Completed)

March, 2019(A1 - 8th Slab Completed)

<b>March, 2019</b>

March, 2019

<b>February, 2019</b>(A2 - 7th Slab Completed)

February, 2019(A2 - 7th Slab Completed)

<b>February, 2019</b>(A1 - 7th Slab Completed)

February, 2019(A1 - 7th Slab Completed)

<b>January, 2019</b>(A2 - 4th Slab Completed)

January, 2019(A2 - 4th Slab Completed)

<b>November, 2018</b>(A1 - 5th Slab Completed)

November, 2018(A1 - 5th Slab Completed)

<b>November, 2018</b>(A1 - 4th Slab Completed</br>A2 - 3rd Slab Completed</br>A3 - Excavation work on going)

November, 2018(A1 - 4th Slab Completed
A2 - 3rd Slab Completed
A3 - Excavation work on going)

<b>September, 2018</b>(A2 - 2nd Slab Completed)

September, 2018(A2 - 2nd Slab Completed)

<b>July, 2018</b>(A1 - 2nd Slab Completed)

July, 2018(A1 - 2nd Slab Completed)

Why Thane?

  • The region of Thane has a multitude of options that cater to all target groups, including affordable and ultra-luxury projects.
  • Landmarks like Yeoor Hills, Parsik Hills and other surrounding lakes add to the scenic beauty of the region.
  • Though Thane is at a considerable distance from the suburbs of Mumbai, it is well connected to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
  • Thanks to the fast pace of infrastructural development, Thane has turned into an attractive destination for homebuyers.
  • Thanks to the proposed Smart City project, Thane is set to change the real estate landscape across the city of Mumbai.