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Affordable Housing Is a Reality In Thane

The real estate market is fully aware that Thane has a lot of land parcel which is available. Real estate builders need to monetize this land and therefore more and more affordable housing projects are planned for the city, Thane. Thane’s real estate market is ready to serve homebuyers with various residential and commercial properties in the affordable housing segment. Since ages, India has got some serious issues related to land. The quality of life in Thane is improving day by day with better connectivity and with the introduction of the green living concept. Thane is no longer considered a real suburb. It is now a growing market and many people want to live in Thane. With better infrastructure coming in, it is not going to be far away from where Thane is going to be the most preferred location to invest in real estate for homebuyers. The desire of smaller town people to buy a property in Mumbai has finally paid off by getting various options of affordable properties in Thane. The price range is quite appealing to property purchasers across various segments, compared to the real estate market in Mumbai. Thane’s real estate market is serving both kinds of homebuyers, one looking for affordable properties as well as those who love luxury. Middle-income range people are the ones looking for affordable categories and has found housing prices in their range in Thane.

The primary focus of the real estate sector in developed cities has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Their main focus now is on housing affordability. With the global economic meltdown, the Indian real estate market has remained untouched. The affordable housing dream in many cities in Mumbai is not an achievable task. The government is looking to unlock many large land parcels in Thane helping builders and developers to achieve the dream of affordable housing in this city. Also, reducing land prices is the first and the forement step taken by the government to achieve affordable housing dream. The cost of land is very high in Metro cities which is turning out to be the major cost component in any undertaken projects by builders which results in compromising on construction quality which does not seem to be a case in Thane where homebuyers are happily living a luxurious life with ample amount of space and with all modern amenities in this city.

So, with all of the facilities and services required to lead a healthy and luxurious lifestyle, Thane will continue to be a fantastically sought-after vicinity in the suburb of Mumbai and in case you too are searching out to buy a property, you need to take into account Thane. The infrastructural growth has considerably contributed to the development of Thane. Being centrally located, this place will see faster appreciation than some other suburbs. Social facilities are well-developed because the area gives excellent schools, colleges, and shops also.

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