7 Things That You Can Do To Be A Proud Owner Of A Residential Property In Thane

7 Things That You Can Do To Be A Proud Owner Of A Residential Property In Thane

Buying a home is a significant decision as you aren’t only investing in one of the flats in Thane but also looking for a place that will shape the lifestyle and personality of you and your family members. So you cannot simply start looking for places and finalise a home within a week. You have to give the process some time and prepare well to be a homeowner. Before you actually start looking for residential flats in Thane, you must roll up your sleeves and do the groundwork first.

Here are seven things you must do before looking for flats in Thane and buying a residential property:

1. Get Acquainted With Thane

First thing first, become well-versed with the locality and explore Thane entirely before you plan to move here. Thane is one of the most happening hubs in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) for numerous reasons. One of the most significant ones is that this newly-developed (or still developing) region provides you with the best of nature views and everything you need to live a balanced life. You can live in the core of Thane and enjoy views and explore the flora and fauna of Upvan and Kachrali Lakes, Ulhas River, Thane Creek, Yeoor Hills and various similar natural gems in the close vicinity. Thane also offers a considerable amount of leisure, entertainment, eating, commuting, healthcare, education and other options that you can expect from any perfect residential neighbourhood.

These, and many other factors contribute to attracting potential home buyers to Thane.

2. Figure Out Your Finances

After exploring Thane well, you cannot resist living in the neighbourhood. Before you start looking for residential flats in Thane, use the time to be financially secure. And the first step towards that is figuring out where you are positioned financially. Go through your bank accounts, investments, savings and other aspects to find out how much money you have. Find out if this money will be enough to buy a new residential property in Thane. If you are currently living in a rented flat, then include the deposit amount in your estimate. If you own the house you live in, find an approximate resale value of the same to get more clarity.

Based on these factors, you can decide if you need monetary assistance and draw a rough budget for your new home.

3. Find Options For Financial Support

If you need assistance to afford your new home, you will have to start looking for all the options available to you. Look for banks, moneylenders and other institutions that can lend you money. Look for various mortgage providers as well because a mortgage might be an ideal solution for you. Check their payment terms and interest rates to select the best-suited option.

Even though they will suggest different mortgage and loan options, do your own research as well before or while talking to mortgage or money lenders, and compare all the options. Once this is done, understand the process of getting approved for the loan or mortgage. Be fully eligible for the loan, get one approved, be sure that you will receive the money in time and only then move ahead to find the home that fits your budget and expectations.

4. Shortlist A Few Builders & Companies

It’s now time to do thorough research and look for some renowned real estate builders and companies in Thane. Reputed real estate builders use high-quality raw materials to build perfect homes so that you don’t face disastrous accidents in the future. Whether it’s new construction in Thane or a new one, eminent builders ensure that they follow all the codes mentioned by the municipality and RERA and have stunning architecture in every home. So read reviews, talk to existing residents of flats by prominent builders in Thane, check brochures and websites and talk to the sales team of every company to shortlist a few trustworthy names.

And while you are at it, shortlist a few ideal locations to live in Thane to make house-hunting and builder-searching easier.

5. Know Your Expectations & Shortlist Homes Accordingly

Before looking for a home, you should make a list of things you must look for in all the flats in Thane. Self introspect, talk to your family members, observe your daily schedule and then make a list of all the things you want in your house. Accordingly, you can check online or with a real estate agent to find real estate flats in Thane that meet those requirements. If you are looking to live a lavish life with several facilities at your disposal, Thane won’t disappoint you, thanks to countless upscale projects by renowned builders like Raunak Group. You can expect most luxury flats in Thane to provide you with a plethora of amenities and features that will upgrade your lifestyle and make your living comfortable.

6. Choose Between Under-Construction Property Or Ready-To-Move-In Flat

Both have their pros and cons. The biggest advantage of buying an under-construction property is the cost. If factors such as location, area, property type and builder are the same, a ready-to-move house costs about 10%-30% more than an under-construction one. Another factor to consider is that an under-construction home will always be RERA-compliant unless you are opting for new construction in Thane that also follows the norms of RERA. Any property with an Occupation Certificate as of 1 May 2017, is mandated to be registered under MMR’s RERA. But buying a ready-to-move-in property has many benefits too like immediate availability and you get what you see.

So weigh these factors and make up your mind.

7. Get Ready To Get Exhausted

Disclaimer: Buying a home is a tedious and exhausting process. Every step will and should take time, attention, extreme exploration, comparison and consideration. So be prepared mentally and physically for the same. Never rush into buying your home. Be fully ready with everything, especially your finances, and only then move ahead with the right house. If you settle for the first loan you’re offered, you might miss out on lower rates or a more affordable loan program. And just like that, be ready to consider and visit multiple residential properties in Thane to find the home of your dreams. You never know, the next home you choose to not visit could be a better deal for you and your loved ones.

And once you are done with these preparations, start preparing to visit homes. Call up your real estate agent or sales teams of various real estate companies and schedule your site visits. Inspect every home you have shortlisted closely to make a choice and be a proud owner of your new home.