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Apna Pehla Ghar

Mumbai - the city of dreams, lives up to its name thanks to the inhabitants who reside within the region. Every individual tends to possess a certain dream; a dream that once achieved brings a sense of happiness, satisfaction and pride. But there is ONE dream that everyone has which stands above all other dreams. It’s the dream of owning their FIRST home in and around this magical city of Mumbai! Once they achieve this dream, it tops over all other feelings and gives them a sense of pride, fulfilment and achievement. This achievement also helps secure a family’s future with a residence that would stand for generations to come. We, Raunak Group, understand this feeling and hence, we came up with our latest campaign - ‘Apna Pehla Ghar’, which aims at helping all home seekers in their effort to own and move into their first home close to the city of Mumbai!

The idea behind our newest campaign, ‘Apna Pehla Ghar’, is to aid and strengthen the vision of “Housing for All” by our Honourable Prime Minister, which aims that every citizen of our nation would own their own home. This vision was further boosted by the introduction of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) which gives every homebuyer a subsidy on their home loan when they buy their very first family home.

Apna Pehla Ghar

Under this campaign, once you book and move into your Pehla Ghar in the ready to move with OC buildings in our township – Raunak City in the upcoming smart city Kalyan, you save Rs. 4.08 lakhs of GST! Thanks to the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), you get an additional benefit of Rs. 2.36 lakhs which is given back to your savings account by the Government of India, thereby helping you save a minimum of Rs. 6 lakhs on your first home!

Kalyan is one of the most affordable and fastest growing locations within the MMR where you can discover and own your Pehla dream Ghar. It enjoys amazing connectivity to the Mumbai Metropolitan Area thanks to the local railways and roads. The region has also recently been added to the “Smart City” mission by the Government of India which plans to develop 100 smart cities in India over the next fer years.

Apna Pehla Ghar

Actual Image Raunak City Sector 3 (With Kids Play Area)

You might be asking yourself, why would you book your dream home at Raunak City? That’s simple! Raunak City is the largest development in the heart of Kalyan. This meticulously planned development spans over 35 acres and will be developed in 4 separate sectors. We have already built and delivered 10 buildings out of 11 in Sector 2 along with 17 buildings in Sector 3. With its ready infrastructure, your dream home comes packed with amenities like a landscaped garden, children’s play area, community hall and a jogging track. There is also a clubhouse with a swimming pool and gymnasium at your disposal.

Apna Pehla Ghar

Actual Image Raunak City Sector 3

To end it, we guarantee that the feeling that you have once you own your very first home tops all other feelings in the world. Let Raunak City be your first home. Don’t miss this opportunity to fulfil your dream!

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