Secrets That First Time Home Buyers Need To Know When Investing In Properties In Thane

Secrets That First Time Home Buyers Need To Know When Investing In Properties In Thane

If you are looking for residential properties in Thane, you are on the right track to finding the home of your dreams. Thane can bring you the most innovative lifestyle and standard of living with all the crucial amenities and facilities available in the near proximity. And that’s not it; Thane is located in the lap of mountains and lakes, which means you will have access to fresh air and the scenic beauty of nature outside. Plus, it is a hot and upcoming city with all exquisite options for leisure, dining, entertainment, shopping and much more. So if you’ll be buying a property in Thane, you will definitely have a lifestyle you must have dreamt of.

Investing in your first dream home is an overwhelming feeling altogether. The happiness of calling a place “your home” combined with the tiresome process of finding the right house can result in a mixed feeling throughout the process. But there’s nothing to get nervous about, especially when you have our guide handy. Here’s everything you must pay attention to when looking at properties in Thane.

Choose the Right Location First

Everything depends on the location you wish to live at. You must first shortlist a few preferred locations and then start your search for residential properties in Thane. Luckily, Thane has a lot to offer. If you wish to stay close to nature and relish soothing views from your window or balcony, you can live close to Upvan Lake and Yeoor Hills, a place like Kolshet Road that offers natural beauty in abundance will be perfect for you. If you wish to stay close to all the major infrastructure and commuting options, then places around Ghodbunder Road and Pokhran Road should be your pick. Majiwada and surrounding areas are apt if you wish to live close to shopping malls and other leisure and entertainment options. So depending on your preferences and expectations, you can make the right pick.

Sort Your Finances Well in Advance

A secret to successful and speedy home buying is to sort your finances well in advance as getting finances in place takes up most of the time. You must look at all the sources of finances and draw your budget to figure out how much you can afford. Firstly, figure out how much cash you have to pay upfront. Secondly, you can look at money lending options in case you don’t have the entire amount with you. Consider home loans, mortgages, utilising your investments, money lenders and other credible options available. Compare the repayment terms and interest rates to find the best way out. And while you are at it, apply for the loan or mortgage and get pre-approved so that you can close the deal as soon as you find your ideal residential property in Thane. Once all this is done, you can have a rough amount in your mind and start looking at properties in Thane that fit within the budget.

Consider All The Hidden Costs

Buying a residential property in Thane doesn’t only mean paying the cost of the house. There’s a lot involved in the overall structure of expenses. Apart from the basic price of the house, you will also have to pay other charges like GST amount, registration and stamp duty charges, regular maintenance costs, cost of additional amenities like extra parking space, preferential home costs like lake-view homes or flats on higher floors, closing costs, property taxes and much more. Make sure you take everything into consideration for all the shortlisted homes and see if these properties in Thane are worth it and fit within your budget.

Visit and Explore Several Properties

When it comes to residential properties in Thane, you will find thousands of amazing options that offer several amenities and facilities that make your life more comfortable. But finding the best-suited one and weeding out other options will be a long process. And for the same, you will have to visit several properties in Thane. Don’t just visit two-three homes and finalise one of them. You never know what awaits ahead. Therefore, visit as many options as possible and explore them closely. Ensure that these homes don’t have any underlying structural, plumbing or electrical problems. Select a house that is in excellent shape and also offers all the amenities you have been looking for. Also, be ready for a long, tiring and confusing journey.

Select a Renowned Builder Only

You cannot simply opt for a random residential project in Thane by some newbie or unknown builders and developers. You cannot assume their credibility based on their claims. You may not have any clue how efficient their homes will be and trust the integrity of these homes. Play safe and look for homes in properties in Thane developed by reputed brands. Reputed builders and developers, like Raunak Group, has a track record of catering to their clients’ needs and providing phenomenal outcomes that stand strong for many years without any complaints. Not just that, these projects are generally Vastu-compliant and offer modern amenities that make them stand out from the crowd of residential properties in Thane.

Experience Thane Booming Further

We already told you that Thane is an outstanding place to live in, whether you are looking for community living, modern facilities or proximity to commercial parks and the rest of the city. But there’s more. Thane is an ever-blooming site, and a lot has been planned for this part of the city. You can witness the upcoming development like Metro Lines 4, 4A and 5, Thane-Mumbai waterways, Thane-Borivali underground tunnel and many flyovers that will increase Thane’s connectivity to the rest of the city. And just like this, many future plans are defined to take Thane to an upgraded level.

Don’t miss out on any of these as these are the very essentials of owning the home of your dreams. But you can definitely add more steps to the list. The biggest secret of finding the right home is to be alert, patient, open to exploring and positive throughout.

Happy home hunting!