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Make A Clever Move By Investing At Ghodbunder Road

For people working in Mumbai suburbs Thane has become the best place to buy their dream house. The biggest real estate markets in Thane for such buyers are the reality project around Ghodbunder road. Ghodbunder road is a stretch of road 20 kilometer long and joins the 2 arterial roads of Mumbai which are western express highway and eastern express highway. It runs along Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) and is a scenic place to buy property in Thane. Many big builders like Hiranandani and Dosti reality have shown interest in Ghodbunder road. The return on investment on real estate in Thane is ever growing being close to the financial capital of India. Many people choose to commute from Thane daily and Ghodbunder road is the gateway to Mumbai city and Thane city.

With property prices soaring in Mumbai and high demand of houses in Mumbai most of the people are looking towards Thane for their residence. Development of Mumbai Thane metro that runs along Ghodbunder road has made the area even more appealing for people looking for convenience in travel. Property rates haven’t hit peak in Thane and even in this state of economy demand for houses in Thane is on the rise. If you are looking to buy a property in Thane you might be in for a fortune. Ghodbunder road has become an excellently developed area. Even if you invest in commercial properties in Thane the businesses will have a good return as Ghodbunder road sees thousands of commuters daily commuting between Mumbai and Thane and all over the state. Living at Ghodbunder road gives you a faster access to some of the remote parts of Mumbai like Kharghar and Ghatkopar as opposed to when you would be travelling to these destinations from Mumbai.

There are plenty of projects you can invest in and Ghodbunder road has everything to satiate anyone’s needs. If you plan to buy a property in Thane you will be happy to hear that Thane has been considered one of the smart cities from 27 smart cities around India. Ghodbunder road is right in the middle of that city. With multiple shopping complexes, posh eateries and luxury projects around Ghodbunder road the prices of the properties to buy in Thane is still low given the type of facilities the neighborhood provides. With new government infrastructures popping up at Ghodbunder road the connectivity and conveniences are only going to increase the return on investments on property in Thane.

So if you come across a property for sale in Thane you might want to consider buying it. This could be a big investment opportunity and purchase of the property will be a good addition to your investment portfolio. Even if you decide to rent the flat you just bought except for top dollars as the rental market on this stretch is very lucrative, you won’t find any difficulties finding tenants for your flat. Buying properties in Thane would be the advice one could give you right now.

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