Top Advantages of Investing in Under-Construction Flats in Thane.

Top Advantages of Investing in Under-Construction Flats in Thane.

The residential market of Thane is now highlighted by the main subject of the real estate industry today that is affordability. Gone are the days where Thane was initially called the Satellite City of Maharashtra. Thane has now developed from a small town to a well-built metropolitan region in Mumbai. Over the years, the demand for premium housing segment has also seen an upward trend in recent years. Rapid infrastructural development with well maintained roads and flyover are making Thane preferred choice among homebuyers in recent times. Thane is now blessed with excellent connectivity within the city as well as to the major parts of Mumbai. Thane city’s future looks brighter with introduction of metro services cutting down residents of Thane traveling time by almost half. Ghodbunder Road is a major connectivity lifeline of Thane, connecting both Western and Eastern Express Highways. The widespread development of physical and civic infrastructure is increasing the demand for housing throughout Thane.

When homebuyers decide to go for a real estate investment they will always opt for the best deal they can find with the time and resources available with them. Buying a home is the most tedious task as well as an important decision to take in life. There’s a good increase in number of active buyers right now in the market as the real estate prices are subdued. Going through the buying process is tiring and quite demanding. You cannot afford any kind of negligence as it might cost you big in the future. While homebuyers go through the buying process involving a number of important choices, but one of the very first decision which they have to make is whether they would like to go for under construction flat or ready-to-move-in flat. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here a detailed look at the advantages of opting for under construction flats in Thane.

Lower Cost

The cost of the property is one of the most important things which the buyer considers when investing in a property. If you plan to go for an under construction property the cost will be likely less than a ready-to move-in property. Also, advantage which the buyer will get is they get various options of under construction properties. The waiting period involved will be longer no doubt but will definitely be worth the cost. With RERA in place nowadays, developers will definitely deliver the project on time and if they fail to do so, they are liable to pay compensation to the buyers. Another biggest advantage for under construction properties is when you buy such properties, the price points are low, so eventually with time your investment grows in value. Also, buyer can have different choices in terms of unit number, unit location, which floor they choose to buy the unit within the building.

Better Facilities

Those developers provide you wonderful deal in terms of constructed area and facilities. If you are buying an apartment or 3-4 bhk flat with those builders, they will provide you diverse inhouse and other facilities related to re-creation and all within the society campus. Even the covered area of these homes is extra in comparison to the included area of ready-to-move in properties within the equal budget.

Higher Appreciation

Eventually you should wait and property track the price of your property. Since you are going for under construction properties so you will buy at a lower cost and then the appreciation is expected to be higher. As the construction process progresses, the price of your property also increases. Buyer should check the location, upcoming infrastructural changes which are planned and employment hubs around to get higher returns on investment. The quantum increase for under construction properties will always be higher even if the fact remains that ready possession units will also increase in value over time.
The price of the property will always keep on increasing over time from booking the property until one gets possession of the unit till the property is handed over to someone else.

RERA Compliance

Any property with occupation certificates as on 1 May, 2017, is remitted to be registered beneath their states’ RERA. Under construction properties, consequently, will necessarily come underneath the ambit of RERA and as a consequence, become prone to comply to honest change practices. Buyers can avail statistics regarding those properties on their respective state’s RERA website and even are seeking fast grievance redressal with the aid of the appellate tribunal formed under RERA.

Decorate As Per Your Choice

An under construction property once completed may be a brand new property and you could renovate or alter as according to your liking while in a ready to move property the scope to modify is restricted in any other case it is going to be a completely pricey affair. Therefore, many homebuyers nowadays prefer under construction properties as they can decorate their dream home according to their wishes. They can decide upon what colour they want to use, the kind of furniture they want to use, the direction of different furniture set up, ceiling structure and flooring material used. Everything can go according to what they have always dreamt about doing in their home.

Important factor to be considered is financial preparedness, but if you find a good location and a good property then you should definitely go for under construction properties. Gone are the days, when homebuyers use to feel that buying an under construction property is risky. In fact nowadays, opting for under construction property is really profitable.