Top 10 Tips to assist you with the decision of what floor to buy a Residential Property in Thane Ghodbunder Road

Top 10 Tips to assist you with the decision of what floor to buy a Residential Property in Thane Ghodbunder Road

Homebuyers devote a significant amount of effort to studying the community, the accessible amenities, and the surrounding neighbourhood. The initial step of research does not include the floor selection criteria. Although, choosing the right floor for a residential property in Thane has become an extremely beneficial decision in this modern era.

Vertical housing has become a mainstream phenomenon in recent years, with independent residences becoming extremely scarce. The optimal floor to reside on in a high-rise building is one of the several aspects that homebuyers evaluate while looking for an apartment.

While each floor has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, exploring them leads homebuyers to a dilemma of choices. While some people are fascinated by the prospect of city vistas from the top floor, others prefer the lower floors because they are more accessible.

So, if you`re considering buying a residential property in Thane in a high-rise building and are still unsure about which option is the best, here are some factors to look out for:

1. Pricing Difference

If saving money is a priority, lower-floor homes offer superior rental returns. Those that invest in rental homes are likely to benefit.

Top floors in a desirable panoramic view are sometimes overpriced. Make the best decision you can while keeping your budget in mind. Lower floors are less expensive than upper floors. A 2.2 % increase in sale price is correlated to an increase in the floor level.

On the contrary, residential property in Thane and Delhi have a completely opposite scenario, with lower floors in high demand. Hence, you have to make a wise choice in deciding what floor to invest in.

2. Safety and Privacy Concerns

If the building does not provide a gated community, living on the ground floor can be dangerous. Lower floors are often seen to be riskier than flats on higher floors. This is most likely due to their accessibility. Closely examine the security arrangements in the society/housing complex if you want to stay on a lower floor.

Lower floors don`t provide much privacy, especially if your building is close to a busy street. A higher floor is likely to be calmer and more relaxing if the housing complex is in a crowded region.

Anti-social elements like theft, trespassing are more likely to infiltrate sub-level apartments, prompting more investment in additional security measures. If an additional security expense does not bother you much, you can easily go for a ground-floor residential property in Thane.

3. The View From Your Balcony

Everyone desires a beautiful view from their balcony. One of the main reasons why homebuyers want higher levels is because of the visual appeal.

If the view from your apartment is vitally important to you, try moving to a higher floor, as they often have the finest views. The view is important in flats near the sea or landscape areas, hence, choosing a higher floor will be the best choice. So, if you want to see a gorgeous sunrise every morning, choose a higher floor.

You should also be aware that a north or east facing flat-cum-floor, which is believed to be preferable than one facing west or south, may cost you some extra bucks.

4. Phobias or other Medical Issues

Acrophobia: If you are terrified of heights, you should avoid a higher residential property in Thane because If looking down from a steep apartment or terrace makes you dizzy, a low-floor flat would be the best option.

Triskaidekaphobia: It is a fear of the number 13 that affects some people. If you`re one of them, stay away from a 13th-floor apartment.

Special Needs: If you have any mobility issues ( Physically challenged, Senior Citizens ), choose a ground-floor flat.

5. Fire protection ( Smoke Detectors )

Fire safety can be a concern when considering a flat on a higher floor. You should be aware that the suitability for occupancy of any apartment can be determined by whether or not it has been issued an Occupancy Certificate (OC) by the local authorities.

An OC certificate helps you find out if the building was built according to the approved plans and in accordance with local rules. The municipal corporation of the region offers this document to the builder after checking that all local laws were followed. While buying a residential property in Thane, buyers should request a copy of the Occupancy Certificate (OC).

6. Number of Elevators and Staircases

Each residential property in Thane should generally feature two or more elevators, such that at least one is operational in the event that the other fails. It is ever so important if you have elders and toddlers in your household.

In case the elevators do not function in an emergency, it is also better to examine the staircases, which should allow you to walk and access floors without breaking a sweat.

7. Good Cellular Reception

In various metro towns, the development of high-rise residences with up to 40 floors has become increasingly common. High-rise buildings in Mumbai exceed 40 floors, while skyscrapers in Delhi-NCR have an average of 25 floors.

As a result, if you choose a higher floor residential property in Thane, ensure that the unit has appropriate network coverage.

8. Proper Ventilation

There are countless benefits of living on a higher floor. When compared to those on the ground and lower floors, you enjoy better views of your neighbourhood, more light and ventilation, and are less affected by street-level noises. Mosquitoes and rodents are usually not a problem on higher floors.

Lower-floor apartments tend to receive less sunlight, which can lead to lower electricity bills in the summer but higher heating expenditures in the winter. Using air conditioners (ACs) during the summer, power usage increases as you go higher in terms of floors.

9. Profitable Rental Returns

If you`re looking to buy a residential property in Thane as an investment, go for one on the lower floors, as they offer superior rental returns.

Although ground floor apartments are more expensive than the top ones because they have more outdoor space, higher resales value as there are only a couple of them in each building, therefore there is minimal competition in the market. Garden apartments can also be popular with tenants demanding more than average rents.

However, climate change plays a huge role in it. Upper floors are desired in cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, whereas lower levels are favoured in Delhi-NCR and Chennai for rental purposes.

10. Double-check Service-related factors

Before purchasing a residential property in Thane, be certain that the floor is equipped with CCTV cameras. Also, when you buy a flat on any floor, evaluate the corridor space, which is the sole open place outside your flat.

As a result, you should double-check that you have enough space outside of your flat, as corridor sizes differ between housing complexes. Also, keep in mind that not all service providers offer a broadband connection.

When searching for a new residence, seek properties near commercial centres, IT parks, and corporate offices. Keep an eye out for neighbouring grocery stores, hospitals, schools, colleges, malls, parks, theatres, and other entertainment venues.

Bonus Tips: 4 Under-rated tips to choosing your Dream Residential Property in Thane

  • Choosing the correct builder (RERA registered)
  • Local Infrastructure around the community
  • Social Infrastructure Vicinity (Shops, Schools, Offices)
  • Public & Private Transportation Services