Expert Tips on Factors To Focus on While Buying 2 BHK Flat in Thane in 2022

Expert Tips on Factors To Focus on While Buying 2 BHK Flat in Thane in 2022

A new year means new wishes, aspirations and decisions to be made. If buying a new house is on your cards in this new year, you must get started with the process right away. But if you are looking for 2 BHK flats in Thane, there are a few aspects you must definitely consider. The process of buying a 2 BHK is slightly different from that of a 1 BHK home. Your expectations and wants from a 2 BHK are different compared to that of a smaller or bigger house. And that’s why the process has to be a little different too. But don’t worry. Various industry leaders and members of the Raunak Group have come together to create a list of factors to consider to make your life easier.

Choose Only the Right Location

The foremost thing to consider is the ideal location in Thane. Thane is developing and flourishing day after day, and you will find several wonderful new and under construction projects in Thane. But that doesn`t mean you can pick up any locale and buy a house there. Consider prime locations like Pokhran Road, Ghodbunder Road, Sale, Kasarvadavali, etc. that offer seamless connectivity to Mumbai and other parts of Thane and Maharashtra. These areas have almost everything you need to live a perfect life simply around you. And not to forget, the views offered from homes in these areas are mostly stunning. So make sure your 2 BHK is in one of these areas.

Find The Ideal Amenities

Not all 2 BHK flats in Thane come with all the amenities you may think of or expect from your dream home. Some projects might simply be standalone towers while some might hardly have many amenities to offer. If you wish to live a convenient life, avoid such existing and new projects in Thane that don’t have a large project or a township. That’s why considering various projects is essential to find a home that has everything you wish it to have. Check out the amenities provided in the apartment before buying it. Garage, elevators, 24-hour water supply, power back-up in case of a power outage, guard room, an emergency exit, and fire extinguishers are some of the important amenities to look for. And the secondary amenities to look for can be anything and everything as per your properties.

Sort All Your Finances in Advance

You have already decided to buy a 2 BHK flat in Thane. But are you financially ready for it? Before you start looking at various under-construction or new projects in Thane, you must figure out where do you stand financially to take the right decision. Before going shopping for an apartment, you need to have a fixed budget. This will narrow down the list of houses you want to check out. Aside from the initial lump sum, you need to factor in on the installments you will need to pay on the home loan, as well as other additional charges like home loan processing fee, stamp duty, registration fee, etc. Once you know all these, you can proceed and find homes by different developers and of various sizes to find the best one that will fit within your budget.

Consider the Price Difference

The real estate scenario in Thane is convenient as there isn’t a very significant difference between a 1 BHK and 2 BHK home and even 2 and 3 BHK homes. So why not pay a little extra and avail all the benefits that come with a larger space. But that doesn’t mean you end up buying a place that is much more than your needs and wants. Evaluate your requirements and decide if the cost difference between the two types of homes is worth it. Whether you invest in a 1, 2 or a 3 BHK flat, maintenance is an issue that you cannot ignore. With a bigger flat, comes higher maintenance costs. While calculating your total monthly maintenance costs, you should keep in mind building maintenance charges, upkeep costs, cleaning charges and so on. If you’re looking to keep your monthly costs low, a smaller 2 BHK should be your preference.

Cross Check The Legalities

This one is crucial. Make sure that the land on which the 2 BHK homes are built is free of any litigation and legal conflicts. Also, ensure that the land is not on the lease and the 2 BHK you buy will have a good resale value if in the future you ever want to make a move that way. The title to the plot on which the apartment stands needs to be clear of all dues and the title deed is verified in detail and checked for any encumbrance. There are a number of approvals and NOCs from local authorities that will need to be verified including site and design approval, construction and completion certificates, electricity, water and sewage connections, etc. Aside from this, the soil and topography of the physical land itself will need to be checked too. Keep a check on all the legal documents and the formalities including the tax paid and the construction made legally, before making the purchase.

Do Your Related Research

Speak with the building watchman or the watchman of the neighboring building in case the building you would buy the flat in, is under construction to find out the situation of water supply, electricity supply, availability of domestic help, level of security and safety, neighborhood grocery stores, deliveries from restaurants, gyms, daycare centers, hospitals and schools, depending on your lifestyle and needs. Ask around and find if some neighboring small building or bungalow has the potential to be converted into a taller building and will it block your view in the next 2 to 3 years.

For most people buying a 2 BHK flats in Thane, whether an old or new construction, is once in a lifetime investment and one of the biggest steps, hence each of the above points has to be considered before closing the deal. By following these simple tips, you can make sure that you buy a home that’s a good fit for you and your family without burning a hole in your pocket.