Why is It Always Recommended to Start Buying a Property at a Young Age?

Why is It Always Recommended to Start Buying a Property at a Young Age?

There comes a time in a young man’s life he has to make a choice. The choice is to invest in buying a property he owns. We have always heard from people around us, “you should invest in a property when you are young to have a better life later”. It has long been believed that this statement is held from generation to generation. The biggest question you have when you are investing in a property is where to buy the property. When you buy the property, make sure that you are investing in a location that will give you high returns on investment later on in life. Buy a property in Thane if you want to guarantee you get good returns. The prime locations in Thane are property in Ghodbunder road and property near Thane station. Ghodbunder road properties especially are considered to be the cream of the crop. Posh projects are showing up so buying a property in Ghodbunder road would be the best move for you. But if you buy a property in Thane; property near Thane station is also a good bet because of the connectivity it provides to Mumbai and being a terminus interstate train also could be boarded here. Let us look for the reason why buying a property in Thane when young could help you.

1. Money.

Money is the main reason behind any investment. If early on in your life you don’t plan on moving into the property in Ghodbunder road you just bought it could make you money. Being a landlord isn’t a bad idea with your property. The house pays for itself. Your mortgage would be significantly less than the rent you charge. In the best-case scenario you earn some pocket change while also paying off for the flat. You would be making money or at the very least breaking even.

2. More money.

Renting out the flat is the best way for you to make extra money. As mentioned above renting out the flat will mean you are paying for the flat for free. It might be possible that the property in Thane you bought isn’t your dream home but if you rent it out to a family in need or the younger generation the flat is free. If you had to move away for some reason it could make you some spare change while also paying for your debt. Just be sure to set some spare money for repair.

3. Even more money

Homes are a perfect investment because not only do they hold their value but they gradually increase their value over time. When you buy a property in Thane you lock the property price in place and then watch it grow. Thane being a young city hasn’t peeked out at property rates. Property in Ghodbunder road and property near Thane station still don’t go for top dollars that they should. The fact that Thane falls under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) could make the property prices grow exponentially in the future. Many commercial giants are showing an interest in Thane and this will help you get the best returns on investment. So let the property grow and let your bank balance grow with it.

4. Customize your space.

When you are young and renting you usually suffer from a constant barrage of rules thrown around at you by the landlord. You grow tired after a while. When you own your own house you are the one making rules. Do you want to hang a shelf on a wall? Go ahead, you want to drill some holes to set a hammock? Go ahead, you want to put a nail on the wall to hand the masterpiece you made? Go ahead you are the landlord and you will decide on how you want to enjoy the space you are living in. you also save up on rent money because paying a mortgage is significantly cheaper than paying rent. Paying the mortgage also feels better because at the end of the day you are paying towards something you are going to own and not something that you need to leave eventually.

5. Guess what? Even more money.

Let us face it you will eventually need somewhere to settle down. You cannot always be vagabond moving to your residence. Buying a place will save you money in lakh over the years. Buying a house young only saves you money and will give you financial security later in life. For any young person to invest in property in Thane is a wise move. Make your first investment count. Let the first investment that you make prove to others that you are finally ready to step up in the world and have grown up.

What is stopping you from investing in property in Thane now? Go ahead and do it. It’s a wise choice. There’s victory ahead of fear.