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This Navratri, See How We Added Raunak To The Lives Of These Little Angels.

People get wrapped up in the festive spirit in the second half of the year after June-July from Rakshabandhan to Navratri to Diwali to Christmas. Whenever people think of Navratri celebrations, the most indelible memory of each and everyone will relate to women empowerment and female leadership where many people forget that the rich legacy of powerful female icons are with us since ancient times It was particularly seen in the concept of human existence, goddesses and their worship. During Navratris in India, pandals pop up in different lanes, street hawkers look more colorful selling various items for children, street food takes the center stage during the festive season. The ten-day Navratri festival brings the whole country together in the triumph of good over evil. From Bengali Durga puja to Gujratri Dandiya raas and Garba nights, the grand celebration of the auspicious day Dussehra, or witnessing the Ramlila with the burning of Ravana’s effigy, people come together to celebrate this colorful festival.

The dynamic team of Raunak Group also did their bit in spreading happiness this Navratri. The team of Raunak Group contributed their share of happiness with these beautiful girls of an Orphanage by arranging sumptuous lunch for them. The smile and happiness on their faces expressing their infinite love towards each other and appreciating the kind gesture carried out by Raunak Group. These beautiful and strong girls are a true form of Goddess Durga showcasing the ferocity within them, reminding us of the strength they are blessed with and the triumph of good over evil. What better way than this Raunak Group could have come up to worship God, where they showered their blessing by arranging delicious food for these beautiful girls.

Spreading joy and happiness among people is the actual essence of this festival along with music and dance. While the celebration of this festival across the states might differ, people should not forget the message of this festival that is spreading happiness and the triumph of good over evil. Kudos to the entire team of Raunak Group who stepped ahead to contribute and shower their blessings on these little angels who must have definitely enjoyed the lunch as it was filled with love from the whole team of Raunak Group.

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