Great Ways to Save Money on Your First Property Purchase in Thane

Great Ways to Save Money on Your First Property Purchase in Thane

It’s usually believed a person should invest in real estate and get a property early in life. With rising prices, it might be intimidating to jump into the real estate market and get a flat of your own. But what if you could invest in a project in Thane without hurting your bank balance, what if you could finally buy the property near Thane station that you have been interested in and also not feel the stress that comes along with such a financial decision? It would be great, wouldn’t it? You are finally stepping up in life. Let us share some money-saving that you can do when you invest in projects in Thane.

Did you know you could save money on home loans?

The biggest thing that scares us from the home buying process is home loans. There being so many complicated terminologies and knowing what should be done exactly takes lots of patience. Home loans could also help you save money by saving you taxes. When you apply for a home loan make sure you opt for tax savings, the interest you pay is tax-deductible and when you apply for a loan with a woman co-applicant it could bring down your interest rates. Not only that; if both the husband and the wife are working the principal amount you can borrow can be significantly higher allowing you to invest in better projects in Thane or even get a property near Thane station.

Look for banks offering lower interest rates.

It seems every other bank is ready to give consumers home loans; and why not? Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions we ever make so a big principle would mean a bigger interest in the sum. Trust us small changes in interest rates add up very quickly. So when you are looking to buy the property near Thane station or just looking for an investment opportunity with a real estate project in Thane go for the bank offering you lowest interest rates. Just a 0.05 percent difference in interest rate could save you thousands in the coming years.

When getting home insurance think before you do so.

When you finally apply for the loan the banks might push you into buying home insurance with the loan you just applied for property near Thane station. It isn’t necessary for you to purchase insurance at the same time you get a loan. No government authority has made it mandatory yet for you to do so. You could always secure your house later by applying for home insurance later in life.


The negotiation aspect is often the most important aspect of the deal. Negotiation will help you save the most money. If you don’t accept the first deal that’s put in your way and negotiate with the builder of the projects in Thane you could land on a better deal than what others are putting your way. You could save a lot of money just by going through the negotiation process.

These tips will help you when you are out there buying a property near Thane station or investing in projects in Thane.