With Rental Rates On The Rise, Is It The Time To Invest in New Residential Projects in Thane?

With Rental Rates On The Rise, Is It The Time To Invest in New Residential Projects in Thane?

Rental prices for real estate across India`s top cities have witnessed a significant correction as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the country`s economy. While the rental costs in various places in the major cities dipped, the rates saw a significant rise in most parts of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. What’s surprising is that these fluctuations in the real estate values didn’t stop home buyers and investors in new residential projects in Thane and beyond. Luxury and affordable homes are still in high demand even though the rates are all-time high in the last five years.

What’s the reason behind this demand? One of the major ones is the popularity of Thane, thanks to all the upcoming residential projects in Thane that readily offer an upgraded standard of living. New residential projects in Thane have a plethora of attractive features to offer that will bless you with an extravagant way of living.

Everything new and upcoming residential projects in Thane have

Multifunctional Clubhouses

Having one venue in your residential complex where you can organise events and celebrate your special days is a boon. A clubhouse offers an array of benefits under one roof which ends up being advantageous for all the residents as it directly impacts their day-to-day lifestyle. This common area becomes an ideal place to organise community events where you can meet and mingle with other residents of your society to deepen your community bonds while having fun.

Modern Living Availability

New-age home seekers aren’t only interested in stunning and affordable homes. One of the biggest driving factors for them are all the amenities and facilities that add value to their lives. Young home-hunters are willing to pay a little extra for added features and modern amenities as well. There are countless residential properties in Thane that come as a package deal with all the essential amenities like modular kitchen, extra spaces, balcony, sundeck, etc. Properties in Thane by several builders come with add-ons like a fully-equipped gymnasium, amphitheatre, indoor games room, sports arenas like cricket and badminton courts, multipurpose halls, library and much more. And that’s what attracts young investors even more to the latest projects in this part of MMR.

Fully-equipped Gyms & Yoga Centres

Upcoming residential projects in Thane focus on encouraging people to lead healthy and fit lives. This is why these projects offer spacious, fully-equipped and modern gymnasium and yoga areas where people can visit daily and work on being active regularly. Not just that, these gyms also have fully-trained and experienced trainers who ensure that you take care of your health while being active. These spaces are ideal for people of all ages, right from kids to senior citizens, both men and women.

Infinity Swimming Pools

Almost all new residential projects in Thane, especially the ones developed by the Raunak Group, are blessed with refreshing and spacious swimming pools. But some of our projects, like our Unnathi Woods - Phase 7 (B) and The Selten Isle, have marvellous and huge infinity swimming pools. Vanishing edge pool design has become increasingly popular in the past decade. So imagine living in a home that lets you embrace the experience of living in a luxury hotel whenever you wish to.

Beautifully-Created Gardens

To add to the greenery that these residential flats in Thane are surrounded with, each residential project is complemented with open garden spaces. So whether you are habituated to taking a stroll with trees around you, walking your furry friends every evening or taking your kids for their regular playtime, homes by Raunak Group offer ample garden spaces to do it all. And if you don’t prefer any of these, you can simply enjoy garden views from your balcony while sipping your favourite drink.

Opulent Rooftop Entertainment Zone

Several upcoming residential projects in Thane let you step into the world of comfort and luxury combined by offering entertainment zones. Our projects like Unnathi Woods Supreme and The Selten Isle have the best of entertainment features and a rejuvenating spa and jacuzzi respectively on the rooftop, overlooking the newly-developing city life of Thane. Residential flats in Thane have countless other ways to make you feel pampered and entertained every single day.

Stunning Reception Lounges

Almost all our new residential projects in Thane are rewarded with superb looking entrances and reception lounges. Spacious reception and waiting lounges with splendid lighting, high roof height, plush furnishings and upholstery, marvellous installations are everything you need to make the ever-lasting first impression on your guests. And that’s exactly what newer residential properties offer.

Spacious Play Areas

Living in a luxurious home isn’t enough, especially when you live with your family. If you have kids, you must have a designated place where they can play and spend their leisure time. Residential flats in Thane have added spaces like kid’s play areas, indoor game rooms and sports courts that keep your kids active and entertained in their favourite way.

Proximity To Community Life & Facilities

Living in Thane has its own perks. Thane is known for offering the best residential life as no matter which part of Thane you live in, you are always close to all the essential facilities you need. Along with the soothing greenery and environs around, new residential projects in thane are surrounded by countless shopping malls and entertainment options, schools and colleges, hospitals, restaurants and cafes and so much more. Moreover, the existing and upcoming infrastructure and commuting facilities are making Thane an ideal place to live. And thanks to the proposed Smart City project, Thane is set to change the real estate landscape across the city of Mumbai.

Apart from these key features, residential flats in Thane have everything else that luxury homes generally do. Homes in Thane have huge carpet areas, the latest plumbing and electrical installations, high-quality flooring in every room, sprawling balconies, high-speed elevators, ample parking spaces and so much more.

So even if the rental rates are high at this point, spending a little extra for such world-class amenities is a good decision. Everybody wishes to own a home that offers modern amenities, which means the market is quite competitive outside. So it makes sense to grab the opportunity before it’s too late and you miss out on the chance of owning an all-inclusive home with everything you can dream of.

So if these amenities are on your wishlist and you can afford the increased rental rates, yes, it is an ideal time to invest in new and upcoming residential projects in Thane. Grab the chance before all the homes crafted with thoughtful architecture and rich amenities are sold.