Will Diwali 2020 Bring Some Extra Cheer to Thane's Real Estate Market?

Will Diwali 2020 Bring Some Extra Cheer to Thane's Real Estate Market?

The decision to invest in real estate is a big one for anyone and festivals like Diwali help them make this big move. This is why festivals witness some of the most sales in real estate space in India. Most of the time people choose a festival to buy the property in Thane that they were interested in because the festival will also mark an important milestone for them. The widely celebrated and auspicious occasion of Diwali is when most of the investors and home buyers decide to buy a property in Thane. This means the real estate market would notice some of the most awaited sales during tough times.

For anyone looking to buy a property in Thane, it is a huge step for them. Diwali decides for home buyers more special because the festival is associated with a new beginning and is considered extremely holy. The purchase of property is a huge step for the home buyer and buying a new property will mark the new start for them as well. This makes these festivals have a deeper meaning for buyers. They can start their new journey on the day which holds a deeper meaning when it comes to a new beginning.

A home buyer is also more likely to buy a house if they find it affordable and Diwali is an occasion where it is possible. Diwali is the time when people are given a bonus in their salary and have extra cash in their hands to spend. This makes Diwali a perfect time for many people to finally make the jump and pay the down payment for the flat. The extra cash helps them make a smart financial decision which would help them in the long run. You don’t only get to start your journey as a homeowner on a special day but also are rewarded financially during the festive season.

Consumers love freebies and real estate developers are well aware of this and usually have offered running during festive seasons such as Diwali. The amount of money consumers are spending on the house they are entitled to some freebies but always having them on offer could be a huge financial burden for developers which are why they choose festivities such as Diwali to introduce these offers. You can even find developers handing out cars if you buy a property in Thane from them. These offers bring in more consumers and help developers sell units that have been around for a long time or even sell houses in the upcoming projects.

For a home buyer spending so much money to become a house owner, there are rarely any reliefs and even the bank adds to this burden. Not during festivals though, you can expect heavy discounts on your interest rates when you decide to get home to buy a property in Thane. Because everyone is giving out heavy discounts including your bank and real estate developer it makes it the perfect time for anyone looking to invest in a house to finally do it.

The festive season is also the time of the year when reputed developers launch their most awaited projects, in response to the high demand in the season. Therefore, investing at this time gives you an impressive portfolio of projects to choose from. Every year you might have noticed an increase in advertisements of real estate this is because real estate builders choose festivals to kick start their projects as well.

Given all the reasons it is clear that Diwali 2020 would be the perfect time for the real estate market in Thane to gain its foothold back.