Looking for flats in Thane? Make sure the flat is vastu compliant.

Looking for flats in Thane? Make sure the flat is vastu compliant.

If you are looking for a flat in Thane to reside you might want to consider the vastu of your flat. The house becomes a home only when it radiates and allows the right kind of energy to flow through it. If you reside in the house you come under the influence of this energy. You should make sure that the home that you are investing so much on not only gives you a roof to sleep under but also fills you with positive energy. The flat could be a 1 BHK flat in Thane or a luxury apartment you need to make sure the home that you are moving into has positive energy radiating and is in sync with your chakras. Here are some things according to vastu shastra you should look for when looking for flats in Thane.

1. Main door.

Main door or the entrance of house is the entry point for you and also the energy that flow to enter the house. The main door of the flat in Thane you are interested in should face towards north, east or north east direction, main door is also known to be gateway of success it should be placed in a way that when you leave you face one of the direction mentioned before.

2. Living room

In a home living room is where most of the activity in a family or a social gathering happens. The living room of flat in Thane should face north or in a north east direction. Make sure there are electric outlets for electronic items in south east of the living room as that is the most favorable place for them.

3. Bed room

Bed room is something you should really focus on especially if you’re buying a 1BHK flat in Thane. Vastu can help you tweak some things in your bedroom for more positivity and better married life. Ideally the bedroom should be in southwest or south position of the house it brings good health and prosperity to life of the resident of the house. The bedroom in south east or northeast direction could cause health problems and also have many quarrels with your spouse.

4. Bathroom

While purchasing flat in Thane make sure your bathroom isn’t next to the main door and isn’t in north east side of the house. The door of the bathroom should be facing east this helps you stay in good health. The color used in the bathroom should light; using dark colors attracts negative energy and bad health.

5. Kitchen

Kitchen in your flat in Thane could be the best source of health that you might neglect. The best position for the kitchen is at the south east corner of your house as that is where the goddess of fire is the most prevalent. The water outlets should be placed in east or north east position, as fire and water don’t mix together if they are placed near each other it may create negative mood for the resident of the house.

These points will help you have a happy flat in Thane filled with positive energy.