Top reasons why you should invest in real estate in Thane

Top reasons why you should invest in real estate in Thane

Thane is known as Mumbai’s sister, as the district, from Sion to Mulund which is been considered as part of Mumbai supporting its future development. Thane is situated in Maharashtra and comes under Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Thane is referred to as a Satellite city of Mumbai which is the most populated city now and has seen tremendous changes over the years transforming itself into a hub for luxurious real estate properties. The reason one should consider while purchasing properties in Thane is the up-gradation of the way of life, as you will, in general, get more space, more luxuries at a less cost when compared with purchasing a property in Mumbai. The general cost file of Thane is over 25% lower than that of Mumbai making it a budget city to live. Thane is commonly known as ’Lake City’, as it features 35 lakes inside it. From masunda talao to talao pali and many more stunning lakes in the town. There are numerous different reasons with respect to ’why’ it is worth putting resources in real estate in this ’City of Lakes’.


Thane is well connected to Mumbai with terms of roads as well as with railways. Thane is also well connected to Navi Mumbai. In the near future, the proposed Metro line service from Thane to Wadala will improve connectivity to Mumbai even more, reducing the travel time of every individual significantly. Other infrastructural improvements on the cards which will incorporate the development of the Thane-Diva Road, the flyover at Bhiwandi sidestep, metro-3 project to Kalyan and Mira - Bhayander zones and parallel streets from Thane to Kalyan along the metro line. The Eastern Express Highway has simplified the travelling between the city areas easier. With the expansion in industrialization, a lot more flyovers and express parkways are expected in this city in the coming years making the commute much more simpler.

Entertainment and Food

Thane provides everything to its residents when it comes to things like entertainment and recreation. The most prominent retail chains have effectively established itself in Thane. Also, popular shopping centers, for example, the Eternity, Korum Mall and Viviana Mall, events and fun parks, for example, Tikuji-ni Wadi and Suraj Water Park, and fun clubs, for example, the Blue Roof Club and the Golden Swan Club have increased the status of this city to that of a cosmopolitan one! Nowadays, many new developed residential, as well as commercial projects in Thane, have provisions for the entertainment and recreation within the compound for their residents.

Education and Health

While choosing a location for your dream house, one of the prime concern is the question of quality education for your children. Over the past few years, Thane has witnessed an increased number of educational and health centers in this city. With regards to medical facilities additionally, there are many clinics in Thane with best in class innovation to adapt to any medical issues.


Thane is called the ’city of lakes’ and with the well planned urban areas, there are many gardens and green spaces dabbing the city. Developers now very well understand the esteem of pollution free environment and attempt to make extends that have abundant open green spaces and follow conditions with well-constructed projects. People have realized the importance of a clean and green environment motivating many developers to initiate projects in Thane, providing buyers with various options for their next real estate investment.

Thane proves to be the city of advancement where one can invest in real estate without any risk.