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Rajan Bandelkar | Emerging Indian Realty Icon

RERA Made Easy | The New Real Estate Project Cycle

RERA Made Easy | What are the important rules of RERA?

RERA Made Easy | What does RERA mean for the Customers?

RERA Made Easy | What does RERA mean for Real Estate Developers?

RERA Made Easy | Who/What is RERA?

Mr. Rajan N Bandelkar speaks on the post RERA real estate market

Raunak City by Raunak Group

Any Size, One Price by Raunak Group

Darr Ke Aage Ghar Hai Testimonials

Raunak Group Presents - Darr Ke Aage Ghar Hai

Raunak Headstart

The Success of Raunak Home Buying Fest

Raunak Group Welcomes RERA For The Transparency It Provides

The Raunak Journey

Raunak Home Buying Fest Teaser

Mr Sanup Kolya got a discount of 2,58,000 on his new home

Mr Babli Yadav winning big in Raunak's Home Buying Fest

Mr and Mrs Vernekar spinning the Home Buying Fest wheel

Mr Sidhivinayak spun the wheel and won big!

Raunak Home Buying Fest - Mr. Kapoor And Son

Raunak Home Buying Fest