H2 & H3 - External Paint work

1 BHK Apartments in Ghodbunder Road, Thane - Raunak Heights

We at Raunak Group take pride in breathing life into your dreams. Our newest project is the address you've always aspired for, in the splendid location of Ghodbuder Road in Thane.

Featuring modern amenities and nestled in the lap of nature, Raunak Heights is an ultra-modern residence that spells perfection and sophistication. The luxurious 1 BHK homes bring you a blend of comfort and space, to present a joyous and vibrant life in Thane (W).

Set amidst excellent social infrastructure and in close proximity to the Eastern Express Highway, homes at Raunak Heights present good connectivity with smooth and hassle-free conveyance.


Project Location Ghodbunder Road, Thane
Construction Status H2 & H3 - External Paint work
Starting Price 55 Lacs Onwards
Configuration 1BHK
Construction Funding
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Landscaped Garden


Children's play area

Layout Plan

Floor Plans

Site Progress

<b>March, 2019</b>(H2 & H3 External Paint work started)

March, 2019(H2 & H3 External Paint work started)

<b>March, 2019</b>

March, 2019

<b>February, 2019</b>(H2 & H3 external plaster work ongoing)

February, 2019(H2 & H3 external plaster work ongoing)

<b>December, 2018</b>(H3 - 21st slab done)

December, 2018(H3 - 21st slab done)

<b>December, 2018</b>(H3 - 20th slab done)

December, 2018(H3 - 20th slab done)

<b>November, 2018</b>(H2 - 20th slab done)

November, 2018(H2 - 20th slab done)

<b>November, 2018</b>(H3 - 19th slab done)

November, 2018(H3 - 19th slab done)

<b>November, 2018</b>(H2 - 19th slab done)

November, 2018(H2 - 19th slab done)

<b>November, 2018</b>(H3 - 18th slab done)

November, 2018(H3 - 18th slab done)

<b>October, 2018</b>(H2 - 18th slab done)

October, 2018(H2 - 18th slab done)

<b>October, 2018</b>(H3 - 17th slab done)

October, 2018(H3 - 17th slab done)

<b>October, 2018</b>(H2 - 17th slab done)

October, 2018(H2 - 17th slab done)

<b>October, 2018</b>(H2 & H3 - 16th slab done)

October, 2018(H2 & H3 - 16th slab done)

<b>September, 2018</b>(H2 - 15th slab done)

September, 2018(H2 - 15th slab done)

<b>September, 2018</b>(H2 - 14th slab done)

September, 2018(H2 - 14th slab done)

<b>August, 2018</b>(H3 - 13th slab done)

August, 2018(H3 - 13th slab done)

<b>August, 2018</b>(H2 - 13th slab done)

August, 2018(H2 - 13th slab done)

<b>August, 2018</b>(H2 & H3 - 12th slab done)

August, 2018(H2 & H3 - 12th slab done)

<b>July, 2018</b>(H2 - 11th slab done)

July, 2018(H2 - 11th slab done)

<b>July, 2018</b>(H3 - 11th slab done)

July, 2018(H3 - 11th slab done)

<b>July, 2018</b>(H2 - 10th slab done)

July, 2018(H2 - 10th slab done)

<b>June, 2018</b>(H3 - 10th slab done)

June, 2018(H3 - 10th slab done)

<b>June, 2018</b>(H2 - 9th slab done)

June, 2018(H2 - 9th slab done)

<b>June, 2018</b>(H3 - 9th slab done)

June, 2018(H3 - 9th slab done)

<b>May, 2018</b>(H2 - 8th slab done)

May, 2018(H2 - 8th slab done)

<b>May, 2018</b>(H3 - 8th slab done)

May, 2018(H3 - 8th slab done)

<b>April, 2018</b>

April, 2018

<b>April, 2018</b>

April, 2018

<b>March, 2018</b>

March, 2018

<b>March, 2018</b>

March, 2018

<b>March, 2018</b>

March, 2018

<b>February, 2018</b>

February, 2018

<b>February, 2018</b>

February, 2018

<b>January, 2018</b>

January, 2018

Why Thane?

  • The region of Thane has a multitude of options that cater to all target groups, including affordable and ultra-luxury projects.
  • Landmarks like Yeoor Hills, Parsik Hills and other surrounding lakes add to the scenic beauty of the region.
  • Though Thane is at a considerable distance from the suburbs of Mumbai, it is well connected to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
  • Thanks to the fast pace of infrastructural development, Thane has turned into an attractive destination for homebuyers.
  • Thanks to the proposed Smart City project, Thane is set to change the real estate landscape across the city of Mumbai.